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Rayovac Heavy Duty C-cell 2780mAh 1.5V Zinc Chloride Button Top Batteries - 6 Pack Shrink Wrap

Brand: Rayovac
Brand: Rayovac

Rayovac C Heavy Duty Batteries, 6 Pack

The Rayovac Heavy Duty C Batteries are the smart and economical choice for your battery powered devices, lasting just as long as other leading brands. From smoke detectors, flashlights and cordless phones to handheld video games, Rayovac batteries provide long-lasting power for an unbeatable price. If you're looking for an affordable and reliable battery, get these Rayovac heavy duty batteries today.

  • 6 Pack
  • Affordable pricing
  • Heavy duty batteries
  • Long lasting power source
  • Great way to power low-drain devices
  • Ideal for devices such as portable electronics, flashlights, handheld video games and remote controls

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For longer-lasting battery power, Rayovac's heavy duty C batteries deliver on all levels. These batteries last just as long as the other top brands but cost less per unit. Choose Rayovac's C batteries from Battery Junction for a great and affordable power source that you can count on.

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