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Renata 371 MPS 35mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Coin Cell Battery - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

Item #: RENATA-371-MPS
Brand: Renata
Item #: RENATA-371-MPS
Brand: Renata
  • Silver oxide chemistry and low self-discharge provide a 5-year shelf life
  • 371 battery size perfect for household and medical electronics
  • 35mAh capacity provides long runtimes in use
  • 1.55V coin cell ideal for use in low-drain devices

Renata 371 MPS - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

Long-Lasting Coin Cell Battery

The Renata 371 MPS is a 1.55V, 35mAh coin cell designed for extended life whether in use, storage, or a combination of both! Its power flow and capacity make the 371 MPS battery capable of providing watches and other low-drain household and medical electronics with long runtimes. In addition, the low self-discharge design and silver oxide chemistry make it possible for the Renata 371 MPS to have a 5-year shelf life so you can use it immediately or keep it as a backup for future use.

Note: These Renata coin cell batteries are sold individually in 1 piece tear strip packaging that is Reese Law compliant for child safety.
  • Notable Features
  • » 1.55V 371 battery with 35mAh capcity for a long service life
  • » Highly accurate and consistent manufacturing process provides reliable fitment and performance
  • » Mercury-free and with new packaging for enhanced safety in use and storage
  • » Compact, lightweight battery great for small household and medical electronics
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