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RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Hybrid Keychain USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Titanium - Cool or Warm White LED

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • Capable of casting 700 lumens to light up the darkest nights and spaces
  • Rechargeable battery is economical and long-lasting, while AAA provides a convenient standby
  • Measures 2.5 inches in length and weighs just 2 ounces, excellent for every day keychain carrying
  • Maximum 54-hour runtime endures emergency situations and will guide through power outages
  • Warm white LED light with incredibly high 95 CRI rating illuminates vibrant colors in your environment

RovyVon Aurora E4 - Cool or Warm White LED

Dual LEDs

This model of the RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 is made from uncompromising TC4 titanium alloy with a USB-C port to recharge the built-in 330mAh lithium-polymer (Li-Po) power supply. Select the color temperature your E4 emits, with a pair of either the 6,500K cool white or 4,000K warm white Luminus SST-20 LEDs. This flashlight is capable of generating a significant 700-lumen light beam from the cool white primary LEDs on high mode, with an included 0.5-lumen moonlight setting capable of reaching 54 hours of continuous runtime.

Dual Fuel

An interior lithium-polymer battery is rechargeable using the USB-C port, but RovyVon went a step further by providing the possibility to use a single AAA battery as an alternate power supply. Manually switch between using your Li-Po and AAA batteries at will with the front mode-changing button to access different sets of output options. Or, you can let the light take care of itself with automatic battery selection when low power is detected in one of the batteries.

High Med Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 700 ⥊150lumens 100lumens 10lumens 0.5lumens -
Runtime 3 ⥊50minutes 90minutes 13hours 54hours -
Distance 70meters 10meters -meters - -
Intensity 1,300candela 300candela - - -
High Med Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 100lumens 20lumens 5lumens 0.5lumens -
High Med Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 500 ⥊150lumens 70lumens 10lumens 0.5lumens -
Runtime 3 ⥊50minutes 108minutes 12hours 54hours -
Distance 70meters 18meters 10meters - -
Intensity 1,200candela 500candela 60candela - -
High Med Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 70lumens 15lumens 5lumens 0.5lumens -
  • Notable Features
  • » Exceptional titanium alloy construction and an IPX6 weather rating protect from impact and environmental damages
  • » Complete control via dual button system, capable of switching in-use battery manually or automatically when low voltage is detected
  • » Four aperatures on the corners of the flashlight head are designed to accept glow-in-the-dark tritium vials, providing enhanced opportunities for customizing your E4
  • » A mode for every moment, with 4 brightness settings and an emergency strobe as well as momentary-on action and intelligent memory of your last used mode
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