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Saft BA 5590 B/U 12V/24V 15Ah Primary Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2) Dual Voltage Military Radio Battery System

Item #: SAFT-BA-5590B-U
Brand: Saft
Item #: SAFT-BA-5590B-U
Brand: Saft

Saft Military Radio Battery

Dual Voltage Design

The Saft BA 5590 B/U military radio battery features a dual voltage design that accommodates a variety of uses. This non-rechargeable battery is made up of 10 LO 26 SX cells that are connected in series of five cells in each grouping. Each section can be used independently, at 12V each, or they can be connected together. Choose between a series connection, which will provide you with 24V, or a parallel connection for 12V of power, with an extended capacity. When setting up a battery connection, it is important to understand that a series formation is used to double the batteries' voltage, while a parallel formation doubles the capacity, yet leaves the voltage alone.

The Saft BA 5590 B/U dual voltage military radio battery features lithium sulfur dioxide chemistry, which is known for its wide operating temperature range. LiSO2 non-rechargeable batteries also have flat voltage discharge curves and a high capacity. An important note about lithium sulfur dioxide batteries, including this military radio battery, is that the high-pressurized SO2 requires a safety vent to prevent an explosion. The BA 5590 B/U dual voltage battery is typically used to power military radios, transmitters, and other surveillance systems. Its versatility and extreme power make this a reliable power source often chosen by the US military.


  • Non-replaceable fuse in the negative leg of each series group of cells
  • Thermal fuse within each series group of cells protects against overheating
  • Diode within the positive leg of each series group of cells prevents charging or flow of current into the battery
  • Identified pull-tab to fully discharge the battery for safe end of life recycling

Typical Applications

  • AN/PRC-104 Radio
  • AN/PRC-113 Radio
  • AN/PRC-117 Radio
  • AN/PRC-119 Sincgards Radio
  • AN/PRC 150
  • KY-57, KY-65 Encryption set
  • REMBASS Remotely monitored battlefield surveillance system
  • PLRS position locater and reporting system
  • RT-991 buoy radio
  • RT-1175 buoy radio
  • AN/TAS-4A TOW night sight


  • Battery Size: Battery Pack
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2)
  • Nominal Voltage:
    • 12V Mode - 13.5V
    • 24V Mode - 27V
  • Typical Capacity +21°C / +70°F (at 2A discharge current):
    • 12V Mode - 15Ah
    • 24V Mode - 7.5Ah
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 71°C)
  • Terminal: Mating Connector (IT Cannon CA 110821-6)
  • Shelf Life: 10 Years
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 5" (127 mm)
    • Width - 2.45" (62.2 mm)
    • Height - 4.40" (111.8 mm)
  • Weight: 35.3 oz. (1000 g)

Please Note: This battery is rated Class 9 Hazmat and cannot be shipped via air. Expedited shipping will be delayed.

This primary cell is NOT rechargeable. Under no circumstances should it be placed in a charger. When fully discharged, please dispose of the cell according to your local regulations.
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