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Streamlight 14120 Sidewinder Compact Aviation Flashlight with C4 LEDs, Helmet Mount and CR123A Lithium Battery, Coyote

Item #: STREAMLIGHT-14120
Brand: Streamlight
Item #: STREAMLIGHT-14120
Brand: Streamlight
  • 185-degree rotatable head angle allows a broad field of illuminated vision
  • Cord attachment holes in battery cap capable of carrying a 25-pound load
  • Infrared output invisible to the eye allows exclusive team coordination
  • 3 light colors and infrared output offer diverse signaling opportunities

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact Flashlight - Aviation Model

Hands-Free Illumination with Adjustable Angle Head

The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact Aviation Model is a first-class flashlight solution for aviators of all sorts. Ideal for a host of needs both in and out of the cockpit, the Sidewinder Compact uses one CR123A lithium battery to achieve purpose-driven performance. This light fires up to 1,400 lumens more than 220 feet on its highest setting from a C4 white light LED. Lower white light brightnesses as well as two 5mm LEDs, one alternately blue/green and the other infrared, provide as little as a half-lumen for reading maps and instruments while at the controls.

In high-stress situations, activate the strobe as a hi-vis locator or as an effective self-defense aid in close quarters. Those looking for a discreet signaling method to extract downed pilots should will note the usefulness of the IR light option. Since the Sidewinder Compact is military-grade, it will more than meet the challenges faced on worksites. At work, clip the light to your belt and use its 178° adjustable angle head to illuminate the job at hand.

Strobe High Medium-High Medium Low
Brightness 55lumens 55lumens 33lumens 13.75lumens 2.75lumens
Runtime 9hours 5.25hours 9hours 28hours 60hours
Distance 69meters -meters -meters -meters -meters
Intensity 1,175candela -candela -candela -candela -candela
  • Notable Features
  • » Shatterproof polycarbonate lens and nylon casing protect shock-safe LEDs and circuitry from impact and weather damage
  • » Locking rotary switch includes a unique tactile indicator on the infrared setting operable in the dark and while wearing heavy aviation gloves
  • » Tactile battery polarity indicators enable a quick change of power supply while on a flight or in other potentially high-stress situations
  • » IPX7 weather rating safe in rainstorms and submersible in up to 1m of water for as much as 30 minutes
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