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Streamlight 22084 USB-C cord 22inin

Item #: STREAMLIGHT-22084
Brand: Streamlight
Item #: STREAMLIGHT-22084
Brand: Streamlight
  • USB-A to USB-C connectors for charging
  • Measures 22 inches in length to charge anywhere
  • Can charge any USB-C compatible devices

Streamlight 22084 USB-C Cord 22"

USB Flashlight Charging

To make recharging your USB compatible flashlights as easy as possible, pick up the Streamlight 22084 USB-C Cord! Its 22in length allows users to easily recharge their flashlights either from other personal electronics or from a compatible wall outlet. It can also be used to charge batteries with compatible USB-C charging ports. The USB-C input is also universal, allowing you to charge phones, laptops, and gaming devices as well.

  • Notable Features
  • » USB-C provides nearly universal charging for all devices
  • » Allows users to recharge their flashlights from other devices
  • » 22in of length allow you to comfortably recharge devices anywhere
  • » Can recharge phones, laptops, and other devices

Please note: This item cannot be exported from the USA. Please do not place an order if you are located outside of the US. Exceptions can be made from APO/FPO and for similar addresses with a US zip code.

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