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Streamlight 66321 Replacement Battery Pack for the Macrostream USB

Item #: STREAMLIGHT-66321
Brand: Streamlight
Item #: STREAMLIGHT-66321
Brand: Streamlight
  • Dedicated genuine Streamlight battery for MacroStream flashlight

  • Lithum-ion rechargeable chemistry

  • Energy-efficient unit providing up to 8 hours of flashlight illumination

  • Quick turnaround 4 hour charge time

Streamlight 66321

Replacement Battery for Streamlight MacroStream Flashlight

The Streamlight 66321 Battery is an energy-efficient battery designed specifically for the Streamlight MacroStream USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight. This battery has a lithium-ion chemistry which makes the battery itself rechargeable inside of the MacroStream, providing convenience and reusability with safe, stable performance.

Deploying 3.7 Volts and an 800mAh capacity, the battery discharges slowly to ensure maximum efficiency runtimes for up to 8 hours. When the charge runs out, recharge the battery via the MacroStream USB port in 4 hours for a quick turnaround.

Rechargeability & Reusability

Invest in the Streamlight 66321 battery to reap the rewards of easy USB charging and reuse. Get savings and peace of mind with a single long-term power supply solution.

Notable Features

» 800mAh capacity, 3.7V discharge, and lithium-ion chemistry drive 8 hour MacroStream flashlight runtimes
» Exclusively made for – and recharged within – the Streamlight MacroStream flashlight, meaning no guessing games and guaranteed battery compatibility
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