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Streamlight Strion HPL High Lumen, Long-Range, Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 615 Lumens - Includes Li-ion Battery - Choice of Charger

Brand: Streamlight
Brand: Streamlight

Strion HPL

High-Performance Light

The Strion HPL from Streamlight® now comes bundled with a variety of charging options that will help you to keep your batteries all ready to use in your Strion. The lumen output on the Strion HPL is 615 lumens for high (40,000cd); 320 lumens (20,000cd) for medium; and 160 lumens (10,000cd) for low. The burn rates for this flashlight are: 1h for high; 2h for medium; and 3h 45 min. for low. There is also a strobe setting that lasts for 2.5h. The beam/throw distance for the high setting is a whopping 400m; for medium, it is 283m; and for low, the beam reaches 200m. The power switch, which is found on the tailcap, is designed to be tactical and is to be used for several different operations, such as changing through brightness modes, including the strobe, and so it provides very convenient one-handed activation of these levels. The battery source of the Streamlight Strion HPL is a rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion) cell that is 3.75V, 2200mAh, and it has a PCB (protected circuit board) that helps keep the battery safe. This li-ion cell has 1000 recharge cycles available in it. The body of the flashlight has a grooved texture, which helps it to fit onto guns for tactical and military objectives.

Remains Your Trusted Illumination Tool

The reflector of this Streamlight is referred to as a deep-dish parabolic, which means that the unique shape can give the user an expansive beam that illuminates peripheral areas really well. The LED bulb is Streamlight's own C4® LED, which is shock-resistant and lasts for 50,000h; the C4 is designed to deliver intense light. The Strion HPL's bezel is unusually broad, at The Strion HPL is superbly resilient, as its impact resistance is 2m, and its lens is made of a virtually indestructible polycarbonate material that has an anti-scratch coating; it is also O-ring sealed. The water-resistance level of the Strion HPL is IPX-4, indicating that water can splash on it from any angle and it will still function properly. The Strion HPL is crafted from 6000 series machined, black-coated, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that's nearly impervious to damage, so it will remain your trusted illumination tool for a long time to come.

Optional PiggyBack Charger

The Strion HPL flashlight is available with the PiggyBack charger. This battery charger has a clamp-type holder and is able to charge spare batteries (not included) for you. It contains a dual power input system, which takes the form of a USB port and an AC/DC current. This charger also restores batteries' charge in up to three hours, and it should be noted that it charges the battery within the flashlight itself. There is an easy-to-understand LED charge indicator on the Strion HPL that has a non-flickering light which tells the user that the unit is charging, and a blinking light that shows that your battery is ready to be used again. The PiggyBack charger is able to stop potential overcharging because of its internal digital control circuit.

  • Lumen outputs:
    • High: 615 lumens (40,000cd) / 1 hour
    • Medium: 320 lumens (20,000cd) / 2 hours
    • Low: 160 lumens (10,000cd) / 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Beam/throw distance:
    • High: 400m
    • Medium: 283m
    • Low: 200m
  • Candela rate/Peak beam intensity:
    • High: 40,000cd
    • Medium: 20,000cd
    • Low: 10,000cd
  • Lens made of virtually indestructible polycarbonate material that has anti-scratch coating
  • Unique shape of reflector (deep-dish parabolic) means it can give user an expansive beam that illuminates peripheral areas really well, is shock-resistant, and lasts for 50,000h
  • Water-resistance level is IPX-4
  • Battery source is lithium-ion (li-ion) 3.75V 2200mAh rechargeable cell, capable of 1000 recharge cycles, and completely recharges within three hours
  • Crafted from 6000 series machined, black-coated, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, nearly impervious to damage
  • Light source is Streamlight C4® LED bulb
  • Superbly resilient, with an impact resistance of 2m
  • PiggyBack charger contains dual power input system; completely recharges batteries within three hours; has LED monitor for charging
  • Power switch, found on the tailcap, is designed to be tactical, and is used for changing through brightness modes
  • Warranty is Streamlight's limited lifetime warranty
  • Light source: Streamlight C4® LED bulb
  • Battery source: Lithium-ion (li-ion) 3.75V 2200mAh rechargeable cell
  • IPX-rating: 4
  • Impact resistance: 2m
  • Warranty: Streamlight limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7 in.
    • Weight: 7.1 oz. (with battery)
    • Major/Bezel diameter: 2.20 in.
    • Barrel/Body diameter: 0.95 in.

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