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Surefire Ep7 BK-LPR-BULK Sonic Defenders Ultra Ear Plugs - 28dB Noise Reduction Rating - 25 Pairs - Black and Large

Brand: SureFire
Brand: SureFire

Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra Ear Plugs

28dB Noise Reduction Rating

Now available in various sizes and colors the Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra ear plugs are the best protection you can use. These ear plugs go beyond normal ear protection. The EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra are guaranteed to prevent hearing damage up to 28dB while still allowing you to talk to your co-workers at a normal volume. The innovative color-coded design lets you easily insert these ear plugs without constantly trying to guess which ear it'll fit in. Additionally, the memory-foam Canal Comply Tips provides comfort and protection for prolonged use. Most ear plugs get uncomfortable, even painful when worn for long periods of time. However, that is no longer the case due to the form-fitting soft foam that these ear buds are made from. The bulk quantity is a great option for worksites, government contractors, shooting ranges, and more.

Moreover, the Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra ear plugs use patented EarLock retention rings that will comfortably keep the ear plugs inserted into your ear. The body is constructed of a hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that is extremely soft and durable. The Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra ear plugs come with a 26" Polymer Lanyard and additional Comply Canal Tips!t.

Features & Specifications

  • Right and Left coded for easy recognition
  • The ear plug itself is made of a memory-foam that provides secure seals in your inner ear
  • Potentially lowers the dangerous noise levels above 85dB
  • Includes: 26" Polymer Lanyard and Additional Comply Canal Tips
  • Radio Communication System Compatibility:
    • Thales: Covert Security Harness
    • Harris: Security Force Communication Set
    • Motorola: Surveillance Kits
    • Tactical Command Industries: Tactical Earpiece Products
    • Peltor: Lightweight Systems-Hearplug
    • Silynx: C4Ops Headset
  • Material: Hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer
  • Color: Comes in Black and Clear
  • Packaging: Bulk

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