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Titanium Innovations CRAA CR14505 1500mAh 3V 3A Lithium (LiMnO2) AA-Sized Button Top Batteries

Item #: TITANIUM-CR14505-CRAA-3V
Item #: TITANIUM-CR14505-CRAA-3V

Titanium Innovations CRAA CR14505

CR123A Performance, AA Body

Peak performance is an absolute necessity for working professionals, and it can start with this Titanium Innovations CRAA CR14505 battery! Designed as a CR123A battery in a AA-shaped body, its capacity clocks in at 1500mAh, giving flashlights and other devices long runtimes to last for the whole job. Its nominal voltage of 3.0V ensures stable power delivery so that alarm systems, military electronics, and utility appliances perform at their best at all times. Work is always more efficient when you push your flashlights, appliances, and systems to their peak!

Reliable Protections

The built-in PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) feature prevents overheating during extended periods of use and long-term storage to protect the battery. Its chemical fuse will disable the CRAA CR14505 if it starts to over-discharge, keeping your flashlight or security system safe. A built-in vent prevents gas buildup, ensuring your gear and your battery's safety in case of any unexpected anomalies.

Available individually or in shrink wrapped 4 packs!

Warning: These batteries are 3.0V and cannot be used as a direct substitute for 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries. Please do not use these in your device unless you are certain the device is able to handle the higher voltage. These batteries will damage most electronics that require AA cells. Do not attempt to recharge these batteries, as Lithium Manganese Dioxide is not a rechargeable chemistry.
  • Notable Features
  • » UL certified for safe use under any working conditions
  • » Operating temperature range of -40°F - 140°F (-40°C - 60°C)
  • » PTC feature protects against overcurrent to keep the battery and its appliance safe
  • » Chemical fuse disables the battery to prevent over-discharge
  • » Vent dissipates gas build up in the event of unexpected changes or anomalies
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