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Titus ER17335-AX 2/3 A 2100mAh 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCI2) Button Top Battery with Axial Leads - Bulk

Item #: TITUS-ER17335-AX
Brand: Titus
Item #: TITUS-ER17335-AX
Brand: Titus
  • Axial lead terminals allow easy mounting to machinery
  • The Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCI2) chemistry gives this an ideal current rate and voltage
  • 3.6 volts and 2,100 mAh capacity supports battery with reliable energy flow
  • Has a 10-year shelf life, great to keep in bulk
Please note this battery comes with axial lead terminals, which are not pictured above.

Titus ER17335-AX 2/3 A Battery with Axial Leads - Bulk

Special Lithium Chemistry - 2,100mAh, 3.6V

The Titus ER17335-AX's Lithium Thionyl Chloride chemistry supports the 2,100 mAh capacity and 3.6 volts with high energy density. This creates long-lasting power within the battery, offering higher runtimes. It's perfect for automotive electronics, metering, and security systems!

The ER17335-AX has axial lead terminals for no-hassle mounting to industrial machinery.

Unique Size

Special sized battery designed to be used with unique devices that require lithium long run times.

Low Current Rate

High energy density with a low current rate supporting use in extreme temperatures.

10 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and store spare batteries with confidence– LiSOCI2 batteries have a 10 year shelf life, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement when you need it.

Notable Features

» Low self-discharge rate (Less than 1% after a year of storage)
» Has a stable operating voltage and high energy density
Caution: 2/3 A lithium thionyl chloride batteries are primary batteries and not rechargeable. Inserting any primary lithium battery into a charger may cause severe damage to both the battery and charger.
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