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Ultimate Survival Technologies Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0

Item #: UST-1142570
Item #: UST-1142570
  • Keep from getting wet in the rain with the emergency poncho or dry off using the survival towel
  • Get warm by lighting a fire and/or covering yourself with the emergency blanket
  • Seek out rescue with the long-range signal mirror and whistle
  • Mark your location with the high-visibility See-Me 4" light stick
  • Navigate and orient yourself with the ultra-compact button compass

Ultimate Survival Technologies FeatherLite Survival Kit 1.0

All-Purpose Pack of Life Saving Tools

When you're in a survival situation, it is key to have implements with which you can indicate your position to rescue parties and to keep dry. The UST FeatherLite Survival Kit 1.0 provides those tools in a small, streamlined storage bag easily packed in with supplies or stored on standby in the home or a vehicle. Included is a micro sparkwheel fire starter that uses a flint strike to unleash a flood of sparks great for starting a fire even in wet conditions. Staying dry is a major concern during extended emergencies, survival situations, and expeditions in the wild as continually drenched clothing worstens cold conditions and cause illness. Thankfully, you can keep from getting exposed to rain and water with the included poncho. Dry off with the survival towel and wrap yourself in the emergency blanket to warm up by the fire.

Rest easy knowing that first responders and rescue operators can see your position even when you're sleeping by posting the light stick at your campsite or temporary shelter overnight. At any time of day, the JetScream micro whistle will emit a piercing tone that penetrates woodland to alert authorities and passersby to your situation. With sunlight, moonlight, or on an overcast day, the StarFlash micro signal mirror can cast a glimmering beacon into the horizon which is visible at a long distance. An efficient button-sized compass indicates your cardinal directions to guide you to safety.

  • Notable Features
  • » Maintain your body temperature by lighting a fire and warming up under the emergency blanket
  • » Keep out unwelcome conditions with the included emergency poncho and survival towel
  • » Find your path with the button compass and follow it using the 4-inch light stick
  • » Indicate your location to people far away with the horizon-signalling StarFlash mirror and air-rending high pitch of the JetScream whistle
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