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Wagan Lithium Cube 500 Portable Power Station (8834)

Item #: WAGAN-8834
Brand: Wagan
Item #: WAGAN-8834
Brand: Wagan
  • Capable of ~51 smartphone charges with 515Wh Li-ion battery
  • Can be charged ultra fast by using both USB-C and AC charging concurrently
  • Extendable handle and overall user friendly design for ease of use and transport

Wagan Lithium Cube 500

Dependable Lithium Power Supply

The Wagan Lithium Cube 500 power supply is built to be user friendly and universally accessible. By minimizing the need for proprietary plugs and connectors, Wagan has created a powerful 500W PSW inverter that will work with your set up right out of the box. Unlike previous models, the Cube 500 can be charged itself while charging other devices. What's more is that you can recharge it quicker by using 2 charging times concurrently (AC and USB-C). It even has a built in LED flashlight with an SOS function for lighting in a pinch.

Armed with Knowledge

The full feature LCD display shows you all the current details: battery percent remaining, wattage (input/output current), fan status, error detection, and more. Plug and play informs the Cube 500's design philosophy, and needs only to be turned on and connected to a device to start charging. With a potential 51 empty to full smartphone recharges, an easy to use interface, and extendable handle for more practical transport it's hard to go wrong with the Lithium Cube 500.

Clock Radio WiFi Router DVD Player Laptop CPAP Machine 42" LCD TV Playstation 5 Refrigerator Curling Iron 1/2" Drill
Watts 10 15 50 65 90 120 160 200 220 500
Runtime 52hours 34hours 10hours 8hours 6hours 4hours 3hours 3hours 2hours 1hours
iPhone 12 iPad Pro Air MacBook Air
Watt-hours 10.8Wh 28.6Wh 49.9Wh
# of Charges 51 18 10
Please consult the Lithium Cube 500 user manual for additional information and safety instructions
  • Notable Features
  • » Large 515Wh Li-ion battery capable of ~51 smartphone charges
  • » Can be recharged faster using AC and USB-C charging concurrently
  • » Extendable handle and durable construction for maximum portability
  • » LCD screen displays battery percentage, hours remaining, error detection, and more
  • » Multiple plug types to accomodate a variety of devices
  • » Can be recharged itself while charging other devices
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