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Acebeam E75 USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 4500 or 3000 Lumens - 6500K Cool White or 5000K Nichia CRI90 LEDs - Includes 1 x 21700 - Black, Grey, Teal, or Green

Brand: Acebeam
Brand: Acebeam
  • Stunning 4,500 or 3,000 lumen turbo
  • Magnetic base makes for quick hands-free lighting
  • USB-C port allows you to easily recharge battery
  • Available with either Cool White or high CRI Nichia LEDs

Acebeam E75 Flashlight

Every Day Convenience

Acebeam's E75 High-Performance Flashlight is an every day carry built to perform anywhere you take it. The E75 features 6 brightness modes, with up to 4500 lumens on Turbo, making it a versatile light for close-up or long-range tasks. Powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery that won't quit for up to 26 days, you have a constant bright companion that's great for camping trips, work, household tasks, evening walks, and more.

Detailed Build

The E75's construction includes features for emergencies like a stainless steel strike bezel and strobe mode, making it a great tool to keep in your car or on hand during hikes. The base of the E75 is magnetic, allowing you to quickly attach it to compatible surfaces for hands-free lighting.

Choose your LED

The E75 comes available your choice of 6500K Cool White or Nichia 519A 5000K CRI90 LEDs. Access high-lumen outputs with the Cool White LEDs, or harness accurate color-rendering power with the Nichia LEDs. Depending on your preferences, there's an E75 built to suit your needs!

Turbo High Med2 Med1 Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 4500⥊ 1500 ⥊ 200lumens 1500 ⥊ 200lumens 600lumens 200lumens 50lumens 1lumens 3500 ⥊ 1500lumens
Runtime 1 + 100 + 60minutes 1.75 + 1hours 4.6hours 16hours 60hours 26days .25 + 3hours
Distance 260meters 148meters 97meters 64meters - - 221meters
Intensity 16900candela 5476candela 2352candela 1024candela - - 12210candela
Turbo High Med2 Med1 Low Moonlight Strobe
Brightness 3000 ⥊ 1000 ⥊ 150lumens 1000 ⥊ 150lumens 450lumens 150lumens 30lumens 1lumens 2400 ⥊ 1000lumens
Runtime 1 + 100 + 60minutes 1.75 + 1hours 4.6hours 16hours 60hours 26days .25 + 3hours
Distance 210meters 128meters 82meters 58meters - - 185meters
Intensity 11025candela 4096candela 1681candela 841candela - - 8556candela
  • Notable Features
  • » USB-C rechargeable battery adds convenience and reusability
  • » Choice of Cool White or Nichia High CRI LEDs
  • » Single side switch controls all modes, allowing for one-handed use
  • » Stainless steel strike bezel included for use in emergencies
  • » 6 brightness levels plus strobe mode provides versatile lighting
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