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Acebeam Flashlights

Illumination Tools for Every Need

Acebeam flashlights are available in a wide variety of styles and with an assortment of unique features. From the simple, M20 keychain light to the purpose-built W10 LEP tactical light, Acebeam strives to offer an illumination tool for every need, within every industry. This China-based company was established in 2014 but has quickly become a unique addition to the market, catering towards uniformed professionals, including firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers.

Everyday Carry Lights

Acebeam flashlights are suitable for use in various industries and settings. As with most premium LED flashlight manufacturers, Acebeam offers a selection of everyday carry lights with modest outputs and runtimes. What sets Acebeam apart from its competitors are the unique features within each product line. Instead of following trends and launching similarly-styled lights to its competitors, the researchers at Acebeam have taken the time to truly develop and enhance their products to cater to the demands of the customer and of the market. The M10, for example, is a simple 3-mode flashlight that runs on a single AA battery. In addition to being powered by a common, easy-to-find battery, this EDC light offers an impressive maximum runtime of 50 hours. Looking at the rest of our catalog, there are only a few 1xAA lights that can compare.

The Acebeam UC15 flashlight is another great example of the company's innovation. This keychain light is small enough to attach to your keyring or to clip on to the brim of your hat, yet it delivers a maximum output of 250 lumens. What's even more special about this light is that it runs on two AAA batteries. More often than not, keychain lights are powered by built-in Li-ion packs that require a USB cable and an external power source for charging. With a 2xAAA keychain light, if your batteries run out of power, you can easily swap in new cells. Again, this Acebeam flashlight is successfully meeting a need in the market.

Far-Throwing Searchlights

Another portion of Acebeam's selection of products is dedicated to enhancing and improving the searchlight industry. These handheld flashlights feature far-throwing beams and blindingly-bright outputs, all of which is combined into small, easy-to-hold packages. These impressive lights don't require two hands to operate or a shoulder strap to carry. With the advancements in LED technology, Acebeam is able to build these incredibly powerful lights, while maintaining a smaller, more portable size. The X80GT, for example, is a compact searchlight that is equipped with 18 individual LEDs. The multiple LEDs, combined with the unique TIR lens and deep, smooth reflector, this searchlight offers a brilliant 32,500-lumen Turbo output. The next brightest flashlight we sell is Olight's newly released X9R, which offers a 25,000-lumen output. If having the brightest light on the block is what you are after, then the Acebeam X80GT is the perfect choice.

Acebeam Flashlights = Lighting for Professionals

Acebeam flashlights are designed with purpose. The development team at Acebeam have found areas within the marketplace in which their portable LED lights fit and enhance a user's experience. Whether you need a simple 1xAA EDC or an advanced 32,500-lumen searchlight, Acebeam has something for every illumination need. As an authorized reseller of Acebeam flashlights, we are happy to incorporate these great products into our catalog. Please feel free to browse through the entire selection to find the right lights for your individual needs. Have questions or need assistance? Our team of experts is available through email, phone, and chat to help you find the right illumination tool for you.