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Acebeam L17 Long Range Tactical LED Flashlight - OSRAM White, Green, or Red LED - 1400, 2000, or 300 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650

Brand: Acebeam
Brand: Acebeam

Acebeam L17 Long Range Tactical Flashlight

Introducing the Acebeam L17: a long-range tactical flashlight that will dazzle you with its myriad of LED color choices, output, and throw. Optimized for day-to-day lighting, outdoor activities, or spontaneous self-defense action, this light is great to have clipped to your side all the time.

Your Choice of White, Green, or Red LED

Choose between white, green, or red OSRAM LEDs that will suit your needs. Want something for everyday utilization? Go for the white output. Need a light dedicated to fishing or hunting? Green is the way to go. Missing a light that's dedicated to preserving night vision? Pick up the red LED. These options make it possible to customize your light to any purpose you dictate.

Superior Throw

One of the greatest perks of the L17 is that it packs a lot of throw into an aluminum body that is less than 6" in length. If you grab a white or green LED, you're guaranteed a throw of over 800 meters! Great for walking around your property or while out on a nighttime hunt. Plus, all modes are easily accessible through a forward click tactical tail switch including direct access to turbo and strobe modes singlehandedly.

Turbo High Mid Low Ultralow Strobe
Brightness 1400 lumens 370 lumens 150 lumens 50 lumens 15 lumen 1400 lumens
Runtime 1 hour 35 minutes 2 hours 45 minutes 6 hours 45 minutes 21 hours 58 hours 2 hours 30 minutes
Distance 802meters 410meters 306meters 210meters 120meters -
Intensity 160,801candela 42,025candela 23,409candela 11,025candela 3,600candela -
Turbo High Mid Low Ultralow Strobe
Brightness 2000 lumens 500 lumens 230 lumens 75 lumens 25 lumen 2000 lumens
Runtime 1 hour 15 minutes 2 hours 45 minutes 6 hours 45 minutes 21 hours 58 hours 2 hours 30 minutes
Distance 820meters 413meters 286meters 141meters 83meters -
Intensity 168,100candela 42,642candela 20,449candela 4,970candela 1,722candela -
Turbo High Mid Low Ultralow Strobe
Brightness 300 lumens 100 lumens 45 lumens 13 lumens 4 lumen 300 lumens
Runtime 1 hour 45 minutes 3 hours 30 minutes 8 hours 45 minutes 25 hours 78 hours 3 hours
Distance 460meters 230meters 160meters 120meters 89meters -
Intensity 52,900candela 13,225candela 6,400candela 3,600candela 1,980candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Pocket tactical flashlight - compact, lightweight, and portable
  • » One-handed, tactical tail switch for easy and fast operation
  • » Carclo TIR lens provides a variety of beam shapes
  • » Inteligent temperature controller adjusts brightness to prevent overheating
  • » Aerospace-grade aluminum body with a hard-anodized finish
  • » 1 meter impact resistance and IP68 waterproof
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