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Nitecore SRT6i USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 2100 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Over 2,000 lumens of light controlled by patented SmartRing tail switch technology
  • Strike bezel allows you to swiftly break glass or engage in self-defense
  • On-demand STROBEREADY feature gives you touch-of-a-button access to randomizing strobe
  • Illuminates massive distances - up to 510 meters of throw comes from this handheld light

Nitecore SRT6i USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Endless Tactical Features

Nitecore's SRT6i Rechargeable LED Flashlight is sure to brighten up your collection! This light is jam-packed with tactical features that officers, law enforcement, hunters, and more will greatly appreciate. The smart selector ring gives you easy access to all modes: 2 brightness levels, Turbo Mode, Strobe Mode, TAC Mode, and Lockout mode. And the SRT6i packs a powerful punch, emitting up to 2,100 lumens on Turbo. With more than 4 football fields of throw, you'll be able to scour vast distances and still be able to quickly drop down to a low level of brightness if needed. This kind of easy-access, straightforward control over features will come in handy when in the field, during training, or hunting!


Nitecore's patented STROBEREADY design gives you quick, one-handed access to a dazzling 2,100-lumen strobe. When the light is deactivated, full press and hold the tail switch for quick activation. The strobe flashes in a randomized pattern designed to increase disorientation, a helpful feature when acquiring a target.

Strong Design

Nitecore rounds out the SRT6i's tactical brilliance with strong materials and Advanced Temperature Regulation. Its strength comes from an aluminum alloy build, hard-anodized finish, and a strike bezel on the head. The built-in silicon nitride ceramics on the bezel will enable you to swiftly break glass or engage in self-defense as needed. The Advanced Temperature Regulation system, patented by Nitecore, will actively regulate the output based on the working condition and ambient temperature, so you can trust your SRT6i will run for the longest time possible. Add in the USB-C rechargeable battery and you can get up to 70 hours of runtime on moonlight mode. Trust your light to run during long expeditions!

Turbo Mid Low Strobe
Brightness 2100lumens 300lumens 30lumens 2100lumens
Runtime 0.5hours 7.5hours 70hours -
Distance 510meters 175meters 56meters -
Intensity 65,200candela 7,700candela 800candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Double-sided scratch resistant coating on lens helps keep it clear and free of damage
  • » SmartRing Selector allows for one-handed access to all modes
  • » ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) will monitor and utilize optimal power output for maximum runtimes
  • » Strike bezel on head is made of strong silicon nitride ceramics to ensure quick, direct impact
  • » Strobe randomizes flash pattern to increase disorientation and dizziness
  • » Recharge battery with an in-body USB-C cable for convenient continual use
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