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Acebeam Defender P18 USB-C Rechargeable Dual-Switch LED Flashlight - 5000 Lumens - 4 x Luminus SFT40 - Includes 1 x 21700

Item #: ACEBEAM-P18
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-P18
Brand: Acebeam
  • 3 user modes meet the needs of EDC as well as defensive or patrol tactical applications
  • Blasts 5,000 lumens to fight the night or 1 lumen to provide emergency light for 22 days
  • Clear, comprehensive light provided by a cluster of four high-powered Luminus SFT40s
  • Tactical dual tail switch enables fast, precise access to modes and brightness levels

Acebeam Defender P18 Flashlight

Elite Grade Tactical Flashlight

The Acebeam P18 is the highest performing flashlight in the military-grade Defender series. Cast as little as a single lumen to reach the longest possible runtime — 22 continuous days! Or use the 5 brightnesses to blast up to 5,000 lumens with the Quad-Core spotlight LED array. Via a toughened, scratch-resistant glass lens, the light beam achieves a maximum range of more than 2,000 feet for long-distance engagement.

Access everything the flashlight has to offer with two tactical usage modes streamlining the brightnesses for precise control in high-stress situations or the all-encompassing Daily Mode with a full spectrum of beam intensities. Special SOS and strobe modes give users unique preparedness for emergency situations when they have the P18 on hand, ready to interact with friend or foe in a heartbeat.

USB-C Rechargeable Multipurpose Design

Harness the power of an in-body rechargeable 21700 battery by rotating the light head to reveal an integrated USB-C terminal, protected from the elements by rugged aluminum alloy construction. Also featuring staggered anti-slip, anti-roll notch-and-row knurling, the P18 is a true military grade powerhouse that will more than meet the challenges of EDC, tactical, or workplace applications.

Turbo High Med Low Ultra-Low SOS
Brightness 5,000 ⥊1,300 ⥊580 ⥊100lumens 2,200 ⥊1,300 ⥊580 ⥊100lumens 580 ⥊100lumens 100lumens 1lumen 5,000 ⥊1,300lumens
Runtime 1 ⥊125 ⥊10 ⥊20minutes 9 ⥊ 120 ⥊10 ⥊20minutes 330 ⥊ 20minutes 36hours 22days 320minutes
Distance 629meters 402meters 214meters 107meters - -
Intensity 98,910candela 40,401candela 11,449candela 2,862candela - -
Turbo High Med Low Strobe
Brightness 5,000 ⥊1,300 ⥊580 ⥊100lumens 2,200 ⥊1,300 ⥊580 ⥊100lumens 580 ⥊100lumens 100lumens 5,000 ⥊1,300lumens
Runtime 1 ⥊125 ⥊10 ⥊20minutes 9 ⥊ 120 ⥊10 ⥊20minutes 330 ⥊ 20minutes 36hours 310minutes
Distance 629meters 402meters 214meters 107meters -
Intensity 98,910candela 40,401candela 11,449candela 2,862candela -
High Low Ultra-Low
Brightness 2,000 ⥊1,500 ⥊580 ⥊100lumens 100lumens 1lumen
Runtime 10 ⥊80 ⥊9 ⥊15minutes 36hours 22days
Distance 390meters - -
Intensity 38,025candela - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Long-lasting light with consistent quality thanks to a constant current circuit driven by a conveniently USB-C rechargeable 21700 battery
  • » Multifaceted stainless steel strike bezel applies a ring of crushing power to break glass or defend yourself
  • » First-class in-body rechargeability supplied by a recessed USB Type-C charge port protected within the rotatable light head
  • » Military grade construction featuring hard-anodized aluminum alloy construction resistant to impacts, weather, and submersion
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