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Energizer Industrial Lithium LN91 AA 3000mAh 1.5V High Energy 5A Lithium (LiFeS2) Button Top Batteries - Case of 144

Brand: Energizer
Brand: Energizer
  • LiFeS2 chemistry creates a 3,000mAh capacity and 20-year shelf-life
  • Leak-proof to prevent damage or accidents when in use or storage
  • Can be safely operated in a temperature range of -40°F to 140°F

Energizer Industrial Lithium LN91 AA - Case of 144

Lithium-iron Disulfide AA Batteries

The best replacement batteries are always ones that are an upgrade, so pick up the Energizer Industrial Lithium LN91 AA - Case of 144! This product includes 144 AA batteries with LiFeS2 (lithium-iron disulfide) chemistry, giving them a massive 3,000mAh capacity for long, stable periods of use and a shelf-life of 20 years for long-term storage. This combination makes them perfect for powering handheld electronic devices like TV remotes, flashlights, and even some power tools. You can also simply store them as emergency spares for years.

Energizer Industrial Lithium batteries make excellent replacements for Energizer Ultimate L91 AAs.

20-Year Shelf Life

Two decades of energy preserved by lithium-iron disulfide chemistry and a 100% leak-proof steel shell

Notable Features

» 3,000mAh capacity can meet demands of high-drain devices and provide long runtimes to electronics with lower energy requirements
» Button top terminal required by a wide range of common and industrial AA electronics
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