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Energizer Industrial ECRN2016 100mAh 3V Lithium (LiMNO2) Coin Cell Battery - Case of 100

Item #: ENERGIZER-ECRN2016-100PK
Brand: Energizer
Item #: ENERGIZER-ECRN2016-100PK
Brand: Energizer
  • Stock up with a 100-piece case of ECRN2016 coin cell batteries
  • Retains power for up to 10 years, allowing you to reliably store your cells!
  • Lithium chemistry enables the battery to perform in a large temperature range

Energizer Industrial ECRN2016 LiMNO2 Coin Cell Battery - Case of 100

Long-Lasting Lithium Solutions

Power your important devices with Energizer's Industrial ECRN2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries! With 100mAh and 3V of power, you'll be able to reliably power the devices you rely on, like heart rate and glucose monitors. Buy in bulk to accommodate large-scale applications where the versatile ECRN2016 battery can be used in many devices. For hospitals and other institutions where electronics are common, the bulk option is a great choice.

10 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and store spare batteries with confidence– Energizer Industrial ECRN20165 batteries have a 10-year shelf life, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement when you need them.

Looking for a Smaller Quantity?

These cells are available for individual sale here!
  • Notable Features
  • » Coin cell size perfect for common applications
  • » 10 year shelf life makes this a great cell to stock up on
  • » Lithium chemistry allows for increased operating temperature range
  • » Associated battery sizes include: 2016, 5000LC, AWI L10, BR2016, BR2016-1W, CR2016, CR2016-1W, Citizen 280-202, Citizen 280-204, Citizen 280-206, DL2016, ECR2016, KCR2016, KL2016, LF-1/4V, LM2016, Seiko SB-T11, Timex FA
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