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Ultralife UHR-CR34610 D-cell 3V 11.1Ah Lithium Primary (LiMnO2) Non-Rechargeable Transmitter Battery - PTC and Tab Options Available - Bulk - U10013, U10014, U10015, U10016

Item #: ULTRALIFE-U10013-OPT
Brand: Ultralife
Item #: ULTRALIFE-U10013-OPT
Brand: Ultralife

Ultralife UHR-CR34610 Transmitter Battery

3V | 11.1Ah | Terminal Options

The Ultralife UHR-CR34610 transmitter battery is specifically designed for use in telecommunication and imaging applications. This non-rechargeable D-cell offers a high energy density and an impressive runtime, both of which are required by surveillance and emergency locator transmitters (ELTs). ELTs are carried on a majority of US aircraft and are utilized in the event of an accident. The emergency locator transmitter sends out a distress signal to notify the appropriate authorities. This cell is a suitable replacement for use in the commonly-used AK-451, which requires four batteries to run. The UHR-CR34610 is a non-rechargeable D-cell battery and provides an impressive 11.1Ah to keep those electronic transmitters and telecommunication devices running for long periods of time.

This impressive transmitter battery has a lithium chemistry, which is one of the more versatile chemistries when it comes to dealing with fluctuating temperatures. Its long shelf life is made possible by the hermetically-sealed nickel plated steel container and high energy density. The Ultralife UHR-CR34610 comes with a variety of choices in PTC protection and tab terminals to make sure that it can fit whatever application you need it for.

Part Numbers:

  • Ultralife U10013: UHR-CR34610 - End Caps, No Tabs, No PTC
  • Ultralife U10014: UHR-CR34610 - End Caps, No Tabs, Integrated PTC
  • Ultralife U10015: UHR-CR34610 - End Caps, Nickel Tabs, No PTC
  • Ultralife U10016: UHR-CR34610 - End Caps, Nickel Tabs, with PTC

  • Features:

    • High 11.1 Ah capacity powers transmitters and telecommunication electronics for longer
    • No voltage delay provides power on which you can rely
    • Wide operating temperature is compatible with almost any environment
    • Long operating life keeps life-saving electronics powered, for when they are needed the most
    • Hermetically-sealed Ni-plated steel container maintains a long shelf life
    • 10 year shelf life
    • PTC and Tab options available
    • Applications:
      • Consumer Telematics
      • Commercial Telematics
      • Search & Rescue Devices
      • Military Communications, Detectors, & Imaging
      • Medical Devices


    • Battery Size: D
    • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Primary (LiMnO2)
    • Nominal Voltage: 3V
    • Voltage Range: 1.5 to 3.3V
    • Nominal Capacity: 11.1Ah @ 250mA to 2.0V @ 23°C
    • Max Discharge Current: 3.3A continuous
    • Pulse Capability: up to 7A
    • PTC: U10014 and U10016 models have PTCs
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 161.6°F (-40°C to 72°C)
    • Terminals: Pressure Contacts or Tabs
    • Safety: Class 9 Hazmat - US and International
    • Certifications: UL 1642, UN 38.3


    • Height without Tabs: 2.38" (60.45mm)
    • Height with Tabs: 2.39" (60.71mm)
    • Diameter: 1.34" (34.01)
    • Weight:
      • U10013: 4.27 oz (121.12g)
      • U10014: 4.28 oz (121.37g)
      • U10015: 4.34 oz (123.18g)
      • U10016: 4.35 oz (123.43g)

    Please Note: This battery is rated Class 9 Hazmat and cannot be shipped via air. Expedited shipping will be delayed.

    This primary cell is NOT rechargeable. Under no circumstances should it be placed in a charger. When fully discharged, please dispose of the cell according to your local regulations.
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