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Combo: Titanium Innovations 16-Bay Smart Battery Charger + 16 x AA NiMH Batteries - Choice of Battery Brand

Item #: COMBO-MD1600-16AA-OPT
Item #: COMBO-MD1600-16AA-OPT

Special Bundle Offer!

We've paired the distinguished MD-1600L, from Titanium Innovations, with 16 AA NiMH batteries, which takes the guesswork out of setting up your rechargeable battery arsenal. Not only are these batteries guaranteed to work with the charger, but the entire setup is ready to go, once you receive it. You even have a choice of either the Panasonic Eneloop or the Tenergy AA batteries. If purchased separately, the same kit could retail for over $100. When you buy this 16-bay smart battery charger combo, you'll save up to $15 ($5 if you choose Tenergy)!

16-bay Smart Battery Charger Combo

Using rechargeable batteries can save the average household around $100 a year. With this 16-bay smart battery charger combo package, you can now save even more money when you buy batteries with your battery charger.

Convenient, Portable, & Versatile

The Titanium MD-1600L is the ultimate battery charging station. Now you can charge up to sixteen NiMH AA or AAA batteries at the same time! This 16-bay battery charger even has integrated USB ports so you can charge your portable MP3 players, phones, iPods, and iPhones into the charger while you charge your batteries. It even allows you to charge on-the-go using the included 12V DC car plug adapter - a must-have for any car trips or motor camping!

Independent Charging

The Titanium MD-1600L battery charger has a back-lit LED indicators that display the charge level of each battery. Each channel is represented by its own battery icon made up 4 'bars' that indicate charge percentage (25/50/75/100%). The smart circuitry will detect when the battery is charged and automatically switches to a trickle charge. This intelligence prevents your NiMH batteries from overheating, which maximizes the life of your cells. This also allows you to charge a mixture of batteries at the same time, from AAs to AAAs - all of which can have a different charge state. This 16-bay smart battery charger also has integrated Battery Conditioning; it discharges and charges your batteries at the press of a button restoring your batteries to their optimal condition and eliminating any memory effect.

Choice of Batteries!

This special 16-bay smart battery charger combo package gives you the choice between the Panasonic Eneloop and the Tenergy AA batteries. The Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries are low self-discharging, maintaining up to 70% of their charge, while in storage. The 2000mAh capacity provides long-term power for your low-drain portable electronics. The Tenergy AA batteries, on the other hand, offer a 2600mAh capacity and are designed for enhanced performance within high-drain devices, including digital cameras, hand-held games, and portable audio devices. Both AA batteries are from reputable brands you can trust.

Charging Times:
Capacity Type NiMH 1-16 Cells
850 mAh AAA Approximately 4.7 Hours
1000 mAh AAA Approximately 5.6 Hours
2000 mAh AA Approximately 5 Hours
2500 mAh AA Approximately 6.3 Hours
2700 mAh AA Approximately 6.8 Hours
Discharging Times:
Capacity Current (mA) Type Ni-Mh 1-8 Cells
850 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 4.25 Hours
1000 mAh 200 AAA Approximately 5 Hours
2000 mAh 200 AA Approximately 10 Hours
2500 mAh 200 AA Approximately 12.5 Hours
2700 mAh 200 AA Approximately 13.5 Hours
Combo Includes:
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