EverGreen DL-40 4 x AA Alkaline Battery Pack with Connector for Stanley Security Systems VPDBB, Intellikey 100178 or PT00213

Brand: Evergreen
Brand: Evergreen
  • Has the capacity of four AA alkaline batteries
  • Alkaline chemistry reliably delivers power
  • Designed with a specialized connector cable

EverGreen DL-40 4 x AA Alkaline Battery Pack

AA Power in a Battery Pack

If you want the reliability of AA batteries in a battery pack, then pick up the EverGreen DL-40! Made from four alkaline AA batteries, this battery pack provides all the benefits of AA cells, such as reliable power delivery and capacity for high drain systems. With its specially designed connector, it can integrate with any system that uses Stanley Security Systems VPDBB, Intellikey 100178, or Intellikey PT00213 batteries.

  • Notable Features
  • » Improved total capacity with four AA battery design
  • » Alkaline chemistry improves power delivery and retention
  • » Specialized connector seamlessly integrates into security systems
  • » Compatible with Stanley Security Systems and Intellikey batteries
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