Exell EBDL-8 6V Alkaline Door Lock Battery Pack - Replaces the A28110, A28100 and 884952

Item #: EXELL-EBDL-8
Brand: Exell
Item #: EXELL-EBDL-8
Brand: Exell

Exell EBDL-8 Door Lock Battery Pack

The Key to Your Electronic Door Lock

The Exell EBDL-8 Alkaline Door Lock Battery Pack is a long-lasting power supply designed for use in keyless and magnetic card door lock systems. These high-powered battery packs are ideal for use in hotels, apartment complexes, and casinos, where privacy and security are key. The power source packs a whopping 6 Volts of power, more than enough to ensure your lock systems function to their highest standard, blocking unwanted intruders and to opening to those permitted.


  • A28100
  • A28110
  • HTL-11
  • HTL-13
  • CSS5200
  • PMI235NT

Features & Specifications:

  • Designed for use in hotel, casino, and apartment electronic door lock systems
  • Battery Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Nominal Voltage: 6V
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