EverGreen DL-02 4 x AA Alkaline Battery Pack with Insert Spacer and Molex H265S02L00 Connector for Saflok S4490 or Dantona 099501

Brand: Evergreen
Brand: Evergreen
  • Delivers relieable power using alkaline chemistry
  • Designed with a voltage of 6V for high drain systems
  • Molex H265S02L00 Connector for use with Saflok and Dantona

EverGreen DL-02 4 x AA Alkaline Battery Pack

Power for Door Systems

Door lock systems need reliable power to operate as safe as possible, so use the EverGreen DL-02! The alkaline chemistry of this 4 x AA battery pack provides a voltage of 6V to deliver large volumes of energy for high power drain systems. The Molex H265S02L00 Connector allows users to easily replace Saflok S4490 and Dantona 099501 batteries for seamless integration into any application.

  • Notable Features
  • » Connector enables use with Saflok S4490 and Dantona 099501 systems
  • » Protections against drops, extreme temperatures, leakage, and more
  • » Performance tested against a variety of different harmful conditions
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