NOCO E404 14 Oz Battery Cleaner & Acid Detector

Item #: NOCO-E404
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-E404
Brand: NOCO
  • 2-in-1 specialized battery cleaner and acid detector chemical agent
  • Neutralizes, dissolves, and removes battery corrosion immediately where applied
  • Foaming aerosol formula turns pink on contact acidic battery sulfates
  • Universal applicant compatible with any vehicle battery


12.25oz Aerosolized Battery Cleaner & Acid Detector

NOCO E404 Battery Cleaner & Acid Detector is a 2-in-1 aerosol foaming solution universally compatible with all vehicle battery terminals, cables, and hold-downs, as well as battery storage boxes and more. Made in the USA with a formula unchanged since 1914, NOCO's battery treatment products were the company's first inventions, and they remain innovative and widely-used to this day.

The entire cleaning cycle of the E404 takes place just 2 to 4 minutes after a single aerosol spray use, so applying this battery-boosting product can be just a stop in your busy schedule rather than an all-day repair project. Working on contact, E404 initiates a multi-pronged preservation process targeting the natural buildup of battery acid and corrosion.

The solution will produce pink foam when it reaches battery acid, and will seek out corrosion to remove it entirely. When you rely on NOCO battery treatments, you can expect your power supply to possess improved cranking power and current flow while minimizing voltage leaks.

Note: For full-fledged battery treatment, use E404 Battery Cleaner and Acid Detector as a Step One treatment and NOCO A202 Battery Corrosion Preventative as the Step Two solution.

  • Notable Features
  • » One-pound 12.25oz aerosol spray can 7.8" tall, best used as step one of two in conjunction with A202 Corrosion Preventative
  • » Devised in 1914, the battery treatment formula line was NOCO's first ever product, and continues to be a state-of-the-art chemical technology trusted around the world
  • » Apply to battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, and battery boxes to battle corrosion with simple aerosol spray that reacts in just 2 to 4 minutes
  • » Ensures peak performance of batteries including improved cranking power, maximum current flow, and reduced voltage leaks, all of which extend the service life of the power supply
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