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RovyVon A9 Pro USB-C Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight - Includes Built-In 330mAh Li-Poly Battery Pack - Copper - Cool White or High CRI

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • Reaches a maximum output of 650 lumens with 110-meter throw
  • Copper build adds unique flair, with patina over time
  • Your choice of cool white or high CRI LEDs
  • On-body USB-C charge port provides no-hassle and rapid charge

RovyVon A9 Pro LED Keychain Flashlight

Impressive Illumination - Your Way

The RovyVon A9 Pro gives you the choice of a cool white or High CRI output for brighter and more intense illumination or accurate color rendering. Reaching a maximum lumen count of 650, this is a surprisingly powerful keylight that will help in home projects or walking back to your car at night. The smooth finish of the LED reflector helps give it a far-reaching throw of up to 110 meters away, and acts as a spotlight beam for spotting from a distance.

Ultra Compact with Unique Copper Flair

The A9 Pro combines portability with style, a reliable EDC companion in daily activities. With a diameter of just over half an inch and a 2.38-inch length, this keylight is around the same size as a household AA battery. With its copper build you not only have a durable design, but a unique flair that will gain an eye-catching patina over time!

USB-C Rechargeable

The A9 Pro has an internal battery pack, providing an environmentally-friendly and convenient way to power on. With an on-body USB-C port, charging is so simple! Power up in no time and place right back with your keyset.

High Medium Low Moon
Brightness 650lumens 200lumens 25lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 0.02+1.5hours 0.02+1hours 8hours 72hours
Distance 110meters 63meters 22meters -
Intensity 2,500candela 700candela 160candela -
Note: Flashlight output is tested with the cool white LED option. The High CRI option will have performance variation.
  • Notable Features
  • » Includes lockout mode to prevent accidental activation
  • » Magnetic pocket clip allows for easy carry, hands-free operation
  • » Activate strobe mode to signal help or assist in emergencies
  • » Momentary-on high mode activation available for rapid use
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