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STKR Outdoor Motion Security Light - 6000 lumens

Item #: STKR-00134
Brand: STKR
Item #: STKR-00134
Brand: STKR
  • Wide-range lighting with 6000 lumens in a 200ft flood beam
  • USB port to power a compatible camera for added security
  • Dusk to Dawn setting provides nearly 12hr runtime
  • E26 medium screw base provides tool- and rewire-free installation

STKR Outdoor Motion Security Light

Home Safety Lighting

If you're looking for some additional safety at night around your home, then use the STKR Outdoor Motion Security Light! With a maximum output of 6000 lumens in a 200ft flood beam, at an 18° angle, this light is a great solution for illuminating large sections of your yard, driveway, or patio. When the motion sensor and light sensor are activated and used together, the output will reduce to 3000 lumens for improved power efficiency. You can also set off-times to preserve the lifespan of the LEDs.

Motion Sensing

This light includes a specialized motion sensor that covers 90ft in a 160° range. This instantly activates the light with motions from far away, providing users more prep time to respond to emergencies. Both sensors are adjustable so the motion sensor won't accidentally activate if you walk within the lights range. These settings include range size and time duration, such as Dusk to Dawn which lasts 12 hours, ensuring it suits your exact needs at all times, whether you install it on your garage, house, or even in large indoor spaces.

Additional Features

The USB port of this light enables users to connect their USB compatible security camera, providing even more security that you can rely on. Its E26 medium screw base lets you easily install it in most pre-existing outdoor light bulb ports. Its power consumption rate of 60W makes efficient use of these ports, enabling reliable, long-term use.

High Low
Brightness 6000lumens 3000lumens
Runtime 12hours -
Distance 60.96meters -
  • Notable Features
  • » No tools required for installation with Easy Screw design
  • » On/Off, 3hrs, 5hrs, Dusk to Dawn lighting duration modes
  • » Detection sensitivity is fully adjustable to prevent accidental activations
  • » LED lifespan of 50,000 hours, nearly 6 years
  • » IP55 rating to withstand rainy conditions over years of use
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