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Titanium Innovations 8-In-1 Sony Type Camcorder Battery Charger - AC 100-240V AC + DC Adapters


Don't worry about keeping track of multiple chargers for your Sony devices anymore!

The Titanium 8-in-1 Camcorder Charger Pack brings you the conveniences to charge 8 different types of Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for Sony brand camcorders and digital cameras. Designed with a multi-leveled bed that fits 5 different sizes of battery; that's8 different types of battery working with 30 different models of Sony cameras. Do you have one or more of the immensely popular Sony Cyber-Shot compact digital cameras, or an infamous Sony Handycam, or maybe both? Then this little accessory will prove invaluable for your favorite Sony devices. Built in overcharge protection technology will automatically stop charging when full to keep your battery running at maximum capacity for as long as possible. The AC and DC power adapters switch between 100-240 Volt and 12-24 Volts respectively so you can enjoy the convenience of charging your portable devices in virtually any outlet or on the go. Ideal for professionalswith multiple cameras and camcorders - with this one simple package you can keep all your devices fully charged at home or on the road. The Titanium 8-in-1 is small and lightweight making it super easy to travel with. Simplify your charging solutions today, replace a current or lost Sony charger with the more versatile, convenient Titanium 8-in-1. Features/Specifications:
  • Charges 8 types of Sony camcorder and digital camera batteries
  • Compatible with most Sony Cyber-Shot and Handycam battery packs
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Compatible with over 25 Sony Cameras and Camcorders
  • Comes with 100-240V AC and 12-24V DC power adapter
  • Weight: 8.24 oz /
  • Dimensions: 4.1 in (L) x 2.5 in (W) x 1 in (H)
Charger Bay Number:
Compatible Model Number:
F550/FM50 7.4V
  • Sony: NP-QM91F, QM71D
  • Sony: NP-FM30, FM50, FM70, FM90
  • Sony: NP-F330, F530, F550, F730, F730H, F750, NP-F750SP, F930, F950, F960
2 FS 3.7V
  • Sony(S): NP-FS31, FS21, FS11, NP-F20, F30
3 FF
  • Sony(F): NP-FF70, FF50
  • Sony(C): NP-FC11, FC10
4 FT1/FR1 3.7V
  • Sony: FT1
  • Sony: NP-FR1
5 FP50 7.2V
  • Sony(P): NP-FP50, FP70, FP90
1000mAh 120 min 75 min
2000mAh 240 min 150 min
3000mAh 360 min 225 min
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