iPower BC-9V4L 9V Lithium Polymer Battery Fast Smart Battery Charger

Item #: IPOWER-BC-9V4L
Brand: Ipower
Item #: IPOWER-BC-9V4L
Brand: Ipower
  • Specially designed to charge the iPower 9V Li-Poly 800mAh battery
  • 4 charging channels available for charging multiple batteries
  • Fully powers rechargeable iPower 9V battery in 4-5 hours
  • Automatically shuts off after fully charging

iPower BC-9V4L Battery Charger

Fast Charging, Smart Detection

The iPower BC-9V4L battery charger powers for the long haul with 4 charging ports! This battery charger powers the iPower 9-Volt Li-Polymer battery in just 4 to 5 hours. This way, you charge that high-capacity battery rapidly for smoke detectors, microphones, or industrial devices.

The BC-9V4L grants the charging of multiple batteries at the same time, with an added LED display to track charging times for each one. It automatically shuts off when batteries are fully charged for energy protection.

Note: Do not charge other types of batteries with this charger. (NiMH, NiCd, or non-rechargeable batteries.) This smart battery charger is specially designed to power the iPower 9V 800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Notable Features
  • » Has auto detection, protection, and stop
  • » Protects in case of high temperatures, reverse insert, or defective battery
  • » Dual color LED display shows red and green colors for charging or full battery
  • » Includes universal power adapter
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