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XTAR VC4SL 4-Bay Smart Battery Charger

Item #: XTAR-VC4SL
Brand: XTAR
Item #: XTAR-VC4SL
Brand: XTAR
  • LCD screen displays each battery's charging information
  • Color LED indicators notify you when fully charged
  • Supports wide variety of battery types and multiple chemistries from 18650 to 14500


4-Bay Battery Charger

The XTAR VC4SL is a smart battery charger for 3.6 – 3.7V lithium-ion, and 1.2V NiMH or NiCD batteries. The 4 charger bays are designed with today's larger batteries in mind, and is compatible with ultra-wide 26650s, lengthy 21700s with button-top terminals, and over twenty other battery sizes!

The LCD Screen displays real time charging status, battery current, capacity, and internal resistance.

The VC4SL utilizes button functions to switch the charging currents, modes, and display of charging information. Whether old or new, you will be able to identify how your batteries are performing.

Multiple Protection Safeguards

The XTAR VC4SL is constructed from flame-retardant material and automatically identifies broken batteries by displaying an error before initiating the charging process.
  • Notable Features
  • » 0V Activation function helps bring over-discharged batteries back to life
  • » Included USB-C to USB-A cable is universally compatible with 5V powerbanks, solar panels, wall adapters, and more
  • » Ultra-wide compatibility with li-ion, NiMH, and NiCD battery sizes
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