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EverGreen NCAA700-2B 2 x AA 2.4V 700mAh Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Battery Pack with Molex 2510-2P Connector for Chloride 1003A097

Brand: Evergreen
Brand: Evergreen
  • NiCd chemistry makes this battery rechargeable
  • 2.4V voltage and 700mAh capacity for reliable power
  • Great backup for Chloride 1003A097 with its Molex connector

EverGreen NCAA700-2B 2 x AA 2.4V 700mAh NiCd Battery Pack

NiCd Power in a AA Battery Pack

Emergency lighting needs emergency-ready batteries, so use the EverGreen NCAA700-2B! The chemistry of this AA NiCd battery pack creates a combined voltage of 2.4V and 700mAh capacity, perfect for safely powering emergency lights. Its rechargeable design also ensures that your emergency lights never stay dead, ensuring constant, long-term safety. The Molex 2510-2P Connector makes it compatible with any system that uses Chloride 1003A097 batteries, making it a great backup.

  • Notable Features
  • » NiCd chemistry provides this battery with up to 50 full charge cycles
  • » 700mAh capacity and 2.4V voltage enables safe power output and retention
  • » Molex 2510-2P Connector makes it a great backup for Chloride 1003A097 systems
  • » Perfect for powering Emergency Exit signs and other emergency lights
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