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Fenix HM71R USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 1 x Luminus SFT70 and 1 x Luminus SST20 - 2700 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Item #: FENIX-HM71R
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-HM71R
Brand: Fenix
  • Spotlight mode's max output of 2700 lumens creates a 755ft beam
  • Floodlight mode's maximum runtime lasts up to as much as 400 hours
  • Can be recharged with other USB-C compatible devices like laptops
  • Clip allows attachment to clothes and bags for hands-free usage

Fenix HM71R USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Multi-LED Hands-Free Lighting

For tough jobs in construction zones and rough conditions while caving or exploring the woods, you need a headlamp that can keep you safe, so pick up the Fenix HM71R! With its spotlight mode's maximum output of 2700 lumens in a 755ft beam through the Luminus SFT70 LED, this headlamp is great for spotting hazards on the job or difficult sections of hiking trails. Its floodlight mode's maximum output, which uses the Luminus SST20 90 CRI LED, of 500 lumens can run for up to 8 hours, perfect for illuminating your campsite or reading the finer details of maps and blueprints.

Catered User Experience

The included adjustable headband allows users to mount the HM71R to any hard hat or climbing helmet. The quick-release base and clip design also enables users to attach the light to their belts, shirts, or backpacks. Its magnetic tail provides the option to mount the light directly to any metal surface in your workspace for a fully hands-free user experience.

Intuitive Power and Charging

Powered by a Fenix ARB-L21-5000-V2 21700 Battery, this light boasts impressive runtimes that can last for days. With its USB-C charging, you can recharge quickly and get back to work even faster. The charge level is easily accessible through the integrated LED in the thumb-sized switch for live battery condition updates. The switch is also designed to be glove-friendly so you never have to expose your hands to the elements around you in order to operate the light.

Turbo High Medium Low
Brightness 2700lumens 800lumens 200lumens 50lumens
Runtime 3*hours 5hours 16hours 48hours
Beam Distance 230meters 104meters 52meters 27meters
Intensity 13300candela 2705candela 686candela 181candela
High Medium Low Read
Brightness 500lumens 200lumens 50lumens 5lumens
Runtime 8hours 16hours 48hours 400hours
Beam Distance 47meters/span> 30meters 14meters 5meters
Intensity 555candela 225candela 50candela 6candela
* Total runtime for the Turbo output level is calculated while including reductions in brightness due to heat protection and will not maintain this output level for the full duration.
  • Notable Features
  • » Adjustable headband can fit to any hardhats or climbing helmets
  • » Quick release design lets users switch between headlamp or EDC lighting
  • » Stainless 316 Steel provides corrosion, impact, and water resistance
  • » Magnetic base allows attachment to any metal surface
  • » Resists temperatures in a range of -31°F - 113°F
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