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Nitecore HC68 USB-C Rechargeable Dual Beam E-Focus LED Headlamp - Luminus SST-40-W - 2000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 18650

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Maximum 2000 lumen output with multiple brightness modes and functions
  • USB-C rechargeable, compatible with 18650, CR123, and RCR123 batteries
  • E-Focus technology blends spot and floodlighting to best fit the situation

Nitecore HC68

High Performance E-Focus Headlamp

The Nitecore HC68 headlamp fuses dual beams and Nitecore's E-Focus technology to create a highly efficient and versatile max 2000 lumen output. Control the ratio of floodlight and spotlight when you need one, the other, or a combination of both by using the buttons directly above the lens. These features open the door to many potential applications ranging from camping, hiking, and caving to household, work, and emergency uses. The auxiliary red light adapts the HC68 to more specific needs in signaling and preserving night vision. With 15+ different brightness levels, this headlamp is certain to reliably fit your needs.

Packed with Benefits

The HC68 is USB-C rechargeable with the included 18650 battery. This headlamp is also compatible with 2 x CR123 or 2 x RCR123 batteries, giving you more options to consider when you gear up for your next adventure. Not only is it packed with lighting features, the HC68 is IP68 rated and able to endure up to 2 meters fully submerged in water alongside 2 meters of impact resistance. Rounding out its housing features is its 180° rotation capabilities to remove any potential blind spots created by stationary headlamps.

Turbo Higher High Mid Low Ultralow Beacon SOS
Brightness 2,000lumens 1,800lumens 950lumens 250lumens 50lumens 1lumens 2,000lumens 2,000lumens
Runtime - 30minutes 2.5hours 6hours 28hours 800hours - -
Distance 185meters 202meters 147meters 75meters 32meters 4meters - -
Intensity 8,600candela 10,300candela 5,400candela 1,420candela 280candela 4candela - -
Higher High Mid Low Ultralow
Brightness 1,400lumens 850lumens 220lumens 45lumens 1lumens
Runtime 30minutes 2.5hours 6hours 28hours 800hours
Distance 77meters 57meters 29meters 18meters 2meters
Intensity 1,500candela 820candela 210candela 87candela 1candela
High Low Flashing
Brightness 11lumens 3lumens 11lumens
Runtime 30hours 110hours 160hours
Distance 4meters 2meters -
Intensity 4candela 1candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Multiple brightness modes with a maximum lumen output of 2,000
  • » Auxiliary red light helps preserve night vision and signal with an SOS function
  • » E-Focus technology provides the best of both worlds in flood and spot lighting
  • » Constant current circuit ensures a stable lighting output for up to 800 hours
  • » USB-rechargeable and compatible with 3 different types of batteries
  • » Durable aero grade aluminum alloy backed with 2 meters waterproofing and impact resistance
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