Fenix WT16R USB-C Rechargeable Worklight - 300 Lumens - Spotlight and Floodlight

Item #: FENIX-WT16R
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-WT16R
Brand: Fenix
  • Multi-functional, magnetic work light with floodlight and spotlight capabilities.
  • Rectangular shape for maximum broad range lighting.
  • Strong magnets in its back and tail for hands-free use around metal surfaces.
  • Yellow flashing mode for work-site and roadside safety.

Fenix WT16R USB-C Rechargeable Worklight

Multi-functional Combination Light

The new Fenix WT16R is a multi-functional worklight that combines the features of a spotlight and floodlight. The rectangular shape allows for a small spotlight on its top and a broad floodlight along its front for maximum illumination. Use the front-facing spotlight for a brighter and more focused beam, and the side floodlight for a softer, broader beam for larger areas.

Powerful, Innovative

The WT16R has six different brightness settings including a yellow flash mode that is ideal for road-side emergencies and site-work safety. Powered by a built-in lithium polymer battery pack, it has extended run times lasting up to 30 hours. When the battery is running low, the indicator light on the side provides real-time monitoring for your convenience.


The powerful magnets in the WT16R's tail and back allow for easy attachment to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting. It also comes equipped with a wide, stainless steel pocket clip for a secure attachment to belts, bags, gear and rope for another way to have hands-free lighting.

High Med Low
Brightness 300lumens 100lumens 30lumens
Runtime 3.90hours 9.30hours 30hours
Distance 115meters 65meters 35meters
Intensity 3,200candela 1,070candela 320candela
High Low Yellow Flash
Brightness 300lumens 100lumens 10lumens
Runtime 3.90hours 9.30hours -
Distance 23meters 14meters -
Intensity 130candela 50candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Combination spotlight and floodlight work flashlight
  • » Max output of 300 lumens for over 3 hours
  • » Rectangle shape for anti-glare, maximum light emission
  • » Six brightness settings for numerous applications
  • » Yellow flash mode for work-site and street safety
  • » Powerful magnet in the tail and back for easy hands-free use
  • » Powered by built-in li-poly battery pack
  • » High 2000mAh capacity for extended run times
  • » Battery indicator for easy monitoring
  • » USB-C charging - super quick
  • » Wide, stainless steel pocket clip with knurling for easy carrying
  • » Single side switch for easy operation
  • » Overheating protection - automatically down-shifts lumens
  • » Low voltage warning - down-shifts to lower lumen and indicator blinks
  • » Mode memory - remembers last selected output
  • » IP66 rated - protected from dirt, dust and rain
  • » Lockout feature for added accidental activation prevention
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