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Fitorch P200 USB-C Rechargeable LED Search Light - 14000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 3.6V 24000mAh 46800 - Black or White

Item #: FITORCH-P200-OPT
Brand: Fitorch
Item #: FITORCH-P200-OPT
Brand: Fitorch
  • 14,000 max lumens with a throw of over 2,000ft perfect for searching outdoors!
  • Ultra high-capacity 46800 battery provides runtimes reaching 68 hours
  • USB-C port allows for easy recharging plus discharging for use as a power bank
  • Fast access to Turbo, Strobe, and SOS modes for use in emergencies

Fitorch P200 Quad-Core LED Flashlight

14,000-Lumen Search Light

The Fitorch P200 is a flashlight that can emit up to 14,000 lumens from the palm of your hand! Like the Fitorch P50, this flashlight has a cluster of four high-powered LEDs. The difference is that the P200 doubles down on the power of the main LEDs, which are 40% brighter and provide a throw more than 650 feet farther! This makes the P200 suited for uses like hunting, long-range spotting, search and rescue, and more.

Easy-to-Use Mode Switching

You'll have fast access to the 14,000-lumen Turbo output with a quick double-click of the button. That high output carries over to the Strobe mode, which provides self-defense and signaling capabilities for emergencies. There is also a long-lasting SOS mode available which is visible from a distance. With 5 main lighting modes, you can emit as little as 180 lumens for daily use on walks, hikes, and at work!

High-Capacity Battery - Power Bank Capability

The Fitorch P200 is powered by a cutting-edge 46800 lithium-ion battery. This design allows it to have a massive capacity of 24,000mAh, which provides this powerful search light with a maximum runtime of over 2.5 days. This power reserve is useful when it comes to the P200's power bank capability. Just use the light's USB-C charging port, and you can power up your essential devices in a power outage or other emergency.

Detachable, Ergonomic Handle

The P200 comes with a detachable handle secured by a stainless steel screw. The handle has finger positions integrated in its design for easy carrying during extended use. You also have the option of easily removing the handle and carrying the light in the palm of your hand. With a 2.08" diameter, the P200 is easy to carry with or without the handle!

Turbo High Medium Low Eco Strobe SOS
Brightness 14000lumens 2700lumens 1500lumens 650lumens 180lumens 14000lumens 1000lumens
Runtime 6hours 7hours 9hours 25.5hours 68hours - -
Distance 650meters - - - - - -
Intensity 108000candela - - - - - -
Note: All data was generated in a Fitorch lab. Differences may happen based on usage and conditions.
The Fitorch P200 uses the Fitorch C800 battery, which is an unprotected flat top lithium-ion battery.
  • Notable Features
  • » IP68 weather rating protects the light from dust, sand, and water exposure so you can use it in any environment or condition
  • » Power indicator integrated in the switch keeps you apprised of your power level so you know when to recharge
  • » Automatic lock feature prevents accidental activations after 60 seconds of inactivity - this keeps eyes safe, stops the light from overheating while in storage, and saves your battery life for when you really need it
  • » At just 5.3 inches long, the P200 is compact for a searchlight capable of 14,000 lumens, and is easy to carry in a bag or to maneuver through the woods
  • » 1m drop resistance thanks in part to a hard-anodized, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body
  • » Tripod port for use as a scene or area light, great for work, camping, and more
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