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Every Day Carry Flashlights

Every-day-carry (EDC) lights are compact, portable, flashlights that can be carried on your person at all times

Whether it is in your pocket, backpack, purse, or car, you'll never want to leave home without one of these handy little lights! We have assembled a list of our top-notch brands such as Olight , SUNWAYMAN, Fenix, Surefire, and more! BatteryJunction carries the most durable and advanced LED Flashlights on the market. For safety, work, or play, your everyday carry light will always be there for you. Whether you need to search for your keys, go for a walk at night, check under the hood, or go into the basement, your EDC light will find endless applications. Once you have an EDC flashlight, you'll wonder how you ever lived your life without one! Need help? Try checking out our Top 10 EDC Flashlight article!