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Every Day Carry (EDC) Flashlights

EDC Flashlights - Compact & Portable

What Defines an EDC Flashlight?

As you may already know, EDC stands for every day carry. What you may not know is what exactly qualifies as an EDC or rather what characteristics define this type of flashlight. Whether it is in your pocket, backpack, purse, or car, you'll never want to leave home without one of these handy little lights! We have assembled a list of our top-notch brands such as Olight , SUNWAYMAN, Fenix, Surefire, and more! BatteryJunction carries the most durable and advanced LED Flashlights on the market. For safety, work, or play, your everyday carry light will always be there for you. Whether you need to search for your keys, go for a walk at night, check under the hood, or go into the basement, your EDC light will find endless applications. Once you have an EDC flashlight, you'll wonder how you ever lived your life without one! Need help? Try checking out our Top 10 EDC Flashlight article!

Size Matters

On average, EDC flashlights range in size from about four to six inches. This, of course, is a personal preference and is not a set-in-stone rule, but rather a general guide. Please note that there are some overlapping areas when discussing every day carry lights and keychain lights. For the most part, though, EDC flashlights are hand-held and are designed to fit in the palm of said hand. Weight is another factor to consider as the flashlight is meant for carrying around at all times. We recommending keeping your EDC flashlights to weigh around 6 ounces, for the best in portability.

EDC Flashlights are for the "Average Person"

Let's be honest - not everyone is as enthusiastic about flashlight as we are. The reality is that they simply have not yet been educated on the vast array of benefits there are from carrying a small, hand-held flashlight around. For starters, you absolutely need an every day carry light in case of an emergency. What if the power goes out at work and you need to stumble out to your car in the dark parking lot to go home? While some may argue that there is a flashlight app on every cell phone nowadays, how badly are you going to feel when the battery in your cell phone dies because you wasted it navigating to your car? Not to mention that these EDC flashlights are tremendously brighter and throw a better beam than the phone.

You will also find that any of these EDC flashlights would be great tools for illuminating areas that are otherwise day-to-day normalcies. A great example is what happened to me just a few months ago. I went to see the latest Marvel movie in theaters, which of course is a dark setting in which it is difficult to see. Now to set the stage, the theater we visit is one of those fancy ones with big comfy seats that feature footrests and adjustable seat backs. The entire theater is positioned at an angle, in typical stadium or theater seating style, so that each aisle is slighter higher than the one in front so as to provide each patron with the best view of the big screen. Of course, this results in turmoil for any circular or round item with which you may have carried into the venue. At some point in the middle of Thor saving the world, my vape pen managed to leave my pocket, fall down onto that angled stadium seating floor and roll a few aisles down in front of me. Now before you jump to conclusions, no I did not whip out of my EDC in the middle of the movie - I am a courteous movie watcher, thank you very much. I waited until the credits rolled by and the post-credits scenes were over until I began my frantic search (vape pens are expensive, guys.) Now while the theater lights did eventually turn on, it was still difficult to find the vape pen on the dark flooring. Eventually, I found it hidden under a chair, but it required the use of my wife's Olight S1 Baton to find. Trust me, you won't regret carrying an LED flashlight around with you, ever.

How Bright is Too Bright?

An every day carry light really doesn't need to be any brighter than 2000 lumens. This is something you are going to be carrying in your pocket, or on your hip, so you don't want the light to get too hot. More importantly, you don't want to blind your colleagues. EDC flashlights are also available with multiple output modes to accommodate every illuminating need.