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Wagan FRED Light Pro Red - Includes 3 x AA

Item #: WAGAN-4340
Brand: Wagan
Item #: WAGAN-4340
Brand: Wagan
  • Features IP67 water and dustproof plus shatterproof protection for emergency applications
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries, allowing for reliability and quick access
  • Safe alternative to using flares in roadside emergencies

Wagan FRED Light Pro - in Red or Amber

Safety First

Are you facing an unexpected breakdown on the side of the highway? Or maybe you're a first responder assisting someone in a roadside crisis. Use a safe, readily available alternative to flares: Wagan's Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk (FRED)! The FRED Pro is a bright tool, coming in at 150 lumens on its highest setting and boasting 360º of visibility.

Built for Emergencies

The IP67 dust and waterproof protections make the FRED Pro ready to withstand environmental factors during any emergency. The FRED can operate in temperatures down to -40ºF to 140ºF, allowing you to trust its light in any climate. Wagan made the choice to make this light battery-powered for safety and reliability. If you take out your FRED in an emergency and need to use it immediately, you can't have an uncharged battery pack hindering you. The 3 x AA design allows you to have more faculty over the charge status of your light and gives you the power to use it immediately in an emergency!

Unlimited Uses!

The FRED can be used beyond roadside emergencies. The magnetic backing allows you to attach it to compatible metal surfaces, so you can use it to signal your location in your home, or to illuminate a small space in a pinch, and more. You can also enjoy this light in recreational applications thanks to its ability to float in water. The FRED is a fun lighting option for camping, water activities, light games, and more!

White LED Red LED Amber LED
Brightness 150lumens 100lumens 100lumens
  • Notable Features
  • » Two options for housing color: red or amber
  • » Durable IP67 rating protects against water, dust, and impact
  • » Bright LED provides a safe alternative to emergency flares while still maintaining brightness
  • » Magnetic backing allows you to attach it to compatible surfaces
  • » Buyout housing lets FRED float in water
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