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Nitecore NU43 USB-C Rechargeable Lightweight LED Headlamp - 1400 Lumens - Uses Built-in 3.6V 3400mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • High-performance, lightweight headlamp featuring in-body USB-C recharging
  • Versatile white and red light outputs great for outdoors and emergency applications
  • TrueVision+ beam offers supreme clarity and diffuses evenly, remaining easy on the eyes
  • Crafted with a PC body and aluminum alloy frontal build that resists impacts from over 6ft

Nitecore NU43

Compact, Whisper Weight Headlamp

The Nitecore NU43 is an ultra-lightweight headlamp with 5 brightness levels reaching 1400 lumens, white and red light sources, and 3 special modes. Take extra peace-of-mind with you on your next run thanks to the NU43's SOS and beacon modes in addition to a slow-flashing red light mode that will flag down passersby if need be.

This is an excellent running companion due to its incredibly light design and its IP68 weather rating which will persevere through storms of rain and sand alike.

State-of-the-Art Optical System — 400+ Feet of Throw

The unibody optical lens build of the NU43 houses a multifaceted reflector responsible for the soft, even glow of the TrueVision beam which can be viewed for hours with minimal eye strain. Additionally, you can switch over to the red light outputs which preserve your natural night vision and are exceptionally useful in serving as a personal locator in case of an emergency.

Long Range Power Performance

With the included USB-C charge cable, you can keep the built-in 18650 battery pack going with lightning-fast recharge in just 2 hours. The simple four-stage power indicator will let you know when to plug in and refill the 3400mAh power supply with an intelligent charging circuit and a USB-C with smart, rotating aluminum alloy coverage from the elements. With 165 hours of runtime on its ultralow setting, the energy-dense battery of the NU43 will perform to your heart's content.

Turbo High Mid Low Ultralow SOS Beacon
Brightness 1,400lumens 600lumens 300lumens 100lumens 8lumens 1,400lumens 1,400lumens
Runtime - 10hours 15hours 29hours 165hours - -
Distance 130meters 77meters 53meters 30meters 8meters - -
Intensity 3,800candela 1,500candela 700candela 230candela 17candela - -
Constant-On Slow Flashing
Brightness 10lumens 10lumens
Runtime 66hours 90hours
Distance 5meters -
Intensity 7candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Crafted with a polycarbonate body and aluminum alloy frontal construction that resists impacts from more than 6 feet
  • » Unique dual power and mode buttons can be distinguished by touch and operated with one hand — both advantages for those who walk their dog or run in low/no light
  • » Intelligent power-saving features include a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation, a proximity sensor that dims the lumen output when the lamp is blocked, and minimal standby power consumption
  • » Clear power indicator comprised of multiple LEDs keeps you apprised of battery level within 25% so you know when to take a quick, 2-hour recharge break from the action
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