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Acebeam H50 2.0 USB-C Rechargeable Wide Beam LED Headlamp - High CRI LED - 2000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 18650

Item #: ACEBEAM-H50-V2
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-H50-V2
Brand: Acebeam
  • Combine flood and spotlight for a maximum 2,000 lumens of high-power illumination
  • TIR lens creates a high CRI floodlight with 125 degrees of peripheral vision
  • Compatible with included 18650 battery, as well as 2 x CR123A and 2 x 16430 batteries
  • Single switch offers access to all brightness modes and functions

Acebeam H50 2.0 USB-C Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Flood and Spot Light Combine!

The Acebeam H50 2.0 has plenty of lighting options designed to adapt to your next venture! The upgraded TIR Lens combines advantages of spot and flood lights for situational lighting that puts your camping trip first. Flood light modes offer a 125° beam angle for improved peripheral illumination at night, to always keep track of your surroundings. Thanks to the high 90+ CRI rating, the H50 2.0 is fully able to render accurate colors and minimize eye strain. With the incredible 2,000-lumen max output, you can easily light up your path and spot new vantage points.

Multi-Day Runtimes

Using the included 18650 battery, the H50 2.0 can run for 384 hours on the 10-lumen ultra-low mode. With the spot light ultra-low mode, you can reach a whopping 30 day runtime! This is reliable long-term power that suits extended camping trips greatly. Thanks to USB-C recharging, you won't have to worry when fast, reliable power is easily accessible! The headlamp is also compatible with two CR123A or 16340 batteries, for more energy convenience.

Turbo High Mid Low Ultra-Low SOS
Brightness 2,000 ↓ 350lumens 1,000 ↓ 350lumens 450 ↓ 350lumens 60lumens 10lumens 1,000lumens
Runtime 0.67 + 240minutes 2.5 + 240minutes 11 + 230minutes 30hours 384hours 5hours
Distance 141meters 100meters 67meters 28meters 15meters 100meters
Intensity 4,968candela 2,476candela 1,116candela 192candela 56candela 2,476candela
Turbo High Medium Low Ultra-Low SOS
Brightness 1,350 ↓ 300lumens 700 ↓ 300lumens 300lumens 40lumens 6lumens 700lumens
Runtime 1.67 + 260minutes 4 + 260minutes 258minutes 35hours 504hours 5hours
Distance 99meters 71meters 47meters 18meters 13meters -
Intensity 2,428candela 1,268candela 560candela 84candela 40candela -
Turbo High Medium Low Ultra-Low SOS
Brightness 650 ↓ 250lumens 350lumens 150lumens 20lumens 3lumens 350lumens
Runtime 5.67 + 350minutes 5hours 9hours 40hours 720hours 9.5hours
Distance 103meters 74meters 48meters 20meters 13meters -
Intensity 2,636candela 1,384candela 588candela 104candela 44candela -
Note: Higher runtimes drop down during extended use to prevent overheating with internal temperature regulation technology.
  • Notable Features
  • » Elastic headband has a silicone sweat divering strip that offers breathable comfort and prevents sliding
  • » Flood light output reaches max 1,350 lumens, while spot light has a max 650 - quality illumination for both brightness modes
  • » Wide-angle beam can be tilted 180° for specific light beam direction
  • » Ideal for hiking, camping, mechanical, and industrial use
  • » Includes intelligent temperature output to prevent overheating
  • » IP68 rating protects light underwater up to 2 meters
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