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Acebeam K75 2.0 Ultra-High Performance Handheld Searchlight - LUMINUS SBT-90.2 - 6300 Lumens - Uses 4 x 18650

Item #: ACEBEAM-K75-V2
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-K75-V2
Brand: Acebeam
  • Luminus SBT-90 GEN 2 LED casts 6300 lumens more than a mile and a half
  • Runs on 4 x 18650 batteries for a max runtime of 7.5 days on Ultra-Low
  • Eco and Power modes help tailor the light to your purpose
  • Excellent search-and-rescue light thanks to long throw and high brightness

Acebeam K75 2.0 Searchlight

Over 1.5 Mile Throw — 6,300-Lumen Brightness

The Acebeam K75 2.0 pairs a Luminus SBT-90 GEN 2 LED with advanced Precision Digital Optics Technology to cast a beam more than a mile and a half long. This makes it one of the longest throwing flashlights available and a prime candidate for a SAR flashlight. With its powerful output and up to 7.5 days of runtime possible on the Ultra-Low brightness level, you will gain a reliable searchlight capable of long-range target identification and completing high-endurance missions.

The K75 2.0 searchlight has six brightness levels and a strobe mode, giving you access to between 5-6300 lumens of light as well as signaling and self-defense capabilities. With this flashlight, you will have lighting solutions for various environments. In addition, thanks to its heavy-duty construction including a hard-anodized aircraft aluminum body, it earns an IP68 weather rating that holds up against sand and water.

Purposeful Mode Switching

The K75 2.0 has two modes - ECO and POWER - that help you tailor the light's functionality to your purpose. Want a long-lasting light for your campsite? Set it on Eco and install on a tripod for hands-free illumination. Need a long-range SAR lighting tool? Toggle on Power mode and cast the brightest beam you can! It's amazing what two simple operational modes can accomplish.

Turbo High Mid2 Mid1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 6,300lumens 2,500lumens 1,250lumens 380lumens 150lumens 7lumens 3,000lumens
Runtime 1.75hours 2.25hours 5.25hours 16hours 27hours 7.5days 3.25hours
Distance 2,500meters 1,496meters 1,077meters 632meters 400meters - -
Intensity 1,562,500candela 559,504candela 289,982candela 99,856candela 40,000candela - -
Turbo High Mid2 Mid1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 3,000lumens 1,700lumens 600lumens 250lumens 150lumens 7lumens 3,000lumens
Runtime 1.75hours 3.5hours 10.5hours 21hours 27hours 7.5days 3.25hours
Distance 1,649meters 1,248meters 871meters 529meters 400meters - -
Intensity 679,800candela 389,376candela 189,660candela 69,960candela 40,000candela - -
Note: In order to achieve POWER & ECO modes, the K75 must be installed with 4 x 18650 high-drain batteries that can produce at least 10 Amps of current. There will only be ECO mode working when using batteries with a current less than 10 Amps. The Turbo output is measured in total of runtime including output at step-down levels due to temperature regulation or protection mechanisms.
  • Notable Features
  • » Capable of casting 6300 lumens more than 1.5 miles thanks to its Luminus SBT-90 GEN 2 LED package
  • » Lockout mode prevents accidental activation to spare the battery from draining or overheating
  • » 6 brightness levels and a strobe mode for variable illumination, self-defense, and signaling
  • » Constructed from aerospace-grade, hard-anodized aluminum alloy to deter wear and tear even in tough use
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