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Klarus A2 Pro USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Brand: Klarus
Brand: Klarus
  • Focus-adjustable design offers distinct light zoom and focus to fit your needs
  • The max 1000 lumen output and 420-meter throw is outstanding power for outdoor use
  • Includes USB-C charging capabilities for a quick, simple charge
  • 4 brightness modes activate with one touch, including strobe protection!

Klarus A2 Pro USB-C Rechargeable Focus Adjustable LED Flashlight

Unique Adjustment Design - Put Focus First

The Klarus A2 Pro has a unique, on-body slide adjustment to easily change light focus and zoom to your liking! The slide adjustment can change the spot and flood light, so you can fix the campsite or explore new trails. With the max 1,000-lumen output and 420-meter range, the adjustable focus has plenty of bright power to work with.

Multi-Use Brightness

Four brightness modes are packed in this light, so you can adjust for multi-use purposes. Strobe mode is also included in case of possible emergencies. By pressing the side switch you can change brightness settings quickly, so you can best adapt to your surroundings.

Power Is the Priority

The A2 Pro's USB-C recharging allows for a quicker, stronger charge that is best for go-getters. Thanks to its multi-fuel compatibility, the light can accept 21700, 18650, and AAA batteries so you can stay charged up with what is available to you. Not only that, but the built-in battery indicator alerts you of the power level at all times.

High Medium Low Strobe
Brightness 1000lumens 400lumens 50lumens 1000lumens
Runtime 5.5hours 13.7hours 110hours -
Beam Intensity 44000candela 17600candela 2400candela -
Beam Distance 420meters 262meters 98meters -
High Medium Low Strobe
Brightness 700lumens 300lumens 50lumens 700lumens
Runtime 3.5hours 7hours 42hours -
Beam Intensity 30800candela 14000candela 2400candela -
Beam Distance 350meters 237meters 98meters -
Note: High modes are measured in total runtime including step-down outputs.
  • Notable Features
  • » Aluminum alloy protection offers corrosion and shock resistance
  • » Mode memory function - quickly return to previous settings when picked up later
  • » With the 21700 battery, low mode brightness has a 110-hour runtime that is reliable for long-term outdoor use
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