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Wagan Brite-Nite 2 Million LED Rechargeable Spotlight Lantern - 600 Lumens - Includes 3.7V 1800mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: WAGAN-2484
Brand: Wagan
Item #: WAGAN-2484
Brand: Wagan
  • Features a spotlight and lantern function for a wide variety of emergency or outdoor uses
  • Rechargeable battery provides convenient, reusable power source
  • Up to 600 lumens of light on spotlight mode provides ample illumination power
  • Red lantern mode can be used to signal during emergencies or to preserve night vision

Wagan Brite-Nite 2 Million LED Rechargeable Spotlight Lantern

Amazing Brightness On Hand!

Keep the luminous Brite-Nite 2 Million LED Rechargeable Spotlight Lantern on hand for all your immediate lightning needs! This spotlight lantern combo makes a great companion for households, RVs, camping trips, and more. With up to 600 lumens on its highest setting, the Brite-Nite 2 Million Spotlight Lantern will allow you to illuminate great expanses, which can be useful for evening escapades into your yard, spotting wildlife, going on nighttime walks, searching for items in your attic, and more.

Two Ways to Use

Enjoy a lantern and a spotlight function. The spotlight will provide more focused light with a high and low setting, while the lantern mode is easily accessible for more widespread applications. The lantern has a Red Light mode that can be utilized to signal others during emergencies. This dual-function allows you to use your Brite-Nite 2 Million LED Spotlight Lantern in a wide range of applications, from camping to your worksite to your backyard. What's more, this model features a rechargeable battery! You'll easily be able to keep your Spotlight/Lantern powered thanks to this eco-friendly, quick-charge power source. Make the most of your lighting tools by having all of these options in one device.

High Spot Low Spot White Lantern Red Lantern
Brightness 600lumens 100lumens 40lumens 18lumens
Runtime 1hours 6hours 15hours 40hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Spotlight function provides up to 600 lumens in a smooth, focused beam
  • » Additional lantern function with optional red lights give you a widespread illumination
  • » Durable construction includes weatherproofed housing and rubber lens guard to keep your flashlight functional in any environment
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