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Fenix LR40R-V2 USB-C Rechargeable LED Searchlight - 15000 Lumens - Luminus SFT70 - Uses Built-in 10.8V 5000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: FENIX-LR40R-V2
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-LR40R-V2
Brand: Fenix
  • 25 percent brighter and more powerful than the LR40R
  • Handheld searchlight fires up to 15,000 lumens
  • Spot, flood, and spot/flood lighting modes
  • Extra-large battery pack supports power bank capability
  • Emits a max 900-meter beam great for search missions

Fenix LR40R V2.0

15,000 Lumens and 2950ft of Throw

The Fenix LR40R V2 is a power bank searchlight with a hybrid beam pattern providing almost 3,000 feet of throw. Emitting up to 15,000 lumens, the LR40R V2 has an LED array and high-power light source working together to supply spot, flood, and dual spot/flood light on-demand. The various lighting modes are controlled by a new switch design that incorporates both a rotary toggle and an electronic button switch for precise operation of this extraordinary search-and-rescue flashlight.

Power Bank & Fast-Charging Capability

The LR40R V2 is run by a battery pack constructed from 3 x 5000mAh batteries, creating a 10.8V power source. This highly dynamic battery pack grants the user with flashlight operation times reaching 177 hours on spotlight mode's eco brightness level. Users can also deploy the high-capacity power to charge other devices, employing the LR40R V2 as a power bank in a pinch. Thanks to a QC/PD2.0-compatible USB-C charge port, a depleted battery can be resupplied with power in just 4 hours.

High Med Low Eco
Brightness 3,000lumens 1,500lumens 500lumens 10lumens
Runtime 3hours 3.66hours 14.16hours 177hours
Distance 900meters 650meters 380meters 60meters
Intensity 196,464candela 106,416candela 35,272candela 812candela
Turbo High Med Low Eco
Brightness 12,000lumens 8,000lumens 3,000lumens 1,000lumens 100lumens
Runtime 2.5hours 2.5hours 3hours 11hours 50hours
Distance 340meters 280meters 170meters 100meters 30meters
Intensity 28,189candela 19,580candela 7,264candela 2,385candela 251candela
Turbo High Med Low Eco
Brightness 15,000lumens 10,000lumens 5,000lumens 1,500lumens 300lumens
Runtime 2.5hours 2.5hours 2.66hours 6hours 25hours
Distance 900meters 780meters 600meters 400meters 250meters
Intensity 203,568candela 153,188candela 87,344candela 37,501candela 15,153candela
Strobe SOS
Brightness 15,000lumens 500lumens
* The Turbo output is measured in total runtime including output at reduced levels due to temperature and/or protection mechanisms in the design.
  • Notable Features
  • » Varied lighting output modes with a brightness range between 10 and 15,000 lumens
  • » Battery pack composed of 3 x 5000mAh batteries provides up to 177 hours of runtime
  • » QC/PD 2.0-compatible USB-C charges depleted battery in just 4 hours
  • » New rotary toggle and electronic switch design grants fast, complete control
  • » Proximity sensor paired with intelligent downshift to preserve battery and prevent overheating
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