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Ledlenser 502737 W7R Work Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 600 Lumens - Uses Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: LEDLENSER-502737
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-502737
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Low brightness of 220 lumens or High brightness of 600 lumens for variable work lighting
  • Flood and UV light sources for wide area light or specialized 365nm illumination
  • Fold-out and rotatable switchblade-style lamp head
  • Flexible mounting via stand, magnet, or hook for hands-free lighting options
  • 80-CRI, 4000K output with adjustable color temperature for precise control of illumination quality

Ledlenser W7R Work

Adaptable Switchblade-Style Worklight

The Ledlenser W7R Work is a versatile work light with a plethora of features. It has a switchblade-style lamp head that folds out and is rotatable for exact aiming of the light. The W7R Work deploys low and high brightness levels with either 220 or 600 lumens of lighting for use in a broad array of scenarios. You can also use 365nm UV light in industrial and cleaning applications. The W7R Work provides flicker-free illumination that won't interrupt your work.

With a length under 6 inches and weight of 180 grams, it is easy to use and carry without a second thought. You can mount the light with its stand, magnet, and fold-out metal hook for hands-free light in any situation. With IP54 protections, the W7R Work is safe to use in almost any environment or weather condition.

Easy To Use - Advanced Battery

The front switch provides simple, single-point control over the entire UI, making the W7R Work exceedingly easy to use. The light runs on a USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with a 5-hour maximum runtime to last through normal use during work days. The W7R Work includes battery indicators that display the charge level during recharging and use so you know when you need to power up. To preserve the battery, you can use the Transport Lock, which prevents accidental activations when not in use.

Power Low Power
Brightness 600lumens 220lumens
Runtime 2hours 5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Rechargeable battery pack with charge indicator to let you know when to recharge
  • » Transport lock available to prevent accidental activations while carrying the light or working
  • » Flicker-free illumination for constant light that won't interrupt work tasks
  • » IP54 protection from exposure to dust and water
  • » Handy, light weight and compact size for easy carrying and use
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