Olight Swivel USB-C Rechargeable Work Light - 400 Lumens - Uses Built-In 2600mAh Li-ion Battery Pack - Moss Green

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Flashlight and Floodlight modes for household or outdoor settings
  • Attach the magnetic base to metal surfaces for stable lighting
  • hook it onto a backpack, tent, belt, and more

Olight Swivel COB Work Light

Standard Work Light

The Olight Swivel COB Work Light sets the standard for mounted flashlights with its versatile magnetic base and flashlight and floodlight modes. Take it with you by clipping it to your backpack or belt loop for a mountable light source inside a tent or your own home work station. Its high performance COB emitter enables the floodlight modes to illuminate a space fully, while its LEDs allow it to create a focused beam in flashlight mode.

New from Olight

Get the most out of your work light with its two modes, allowing it to function as both an area light and an everyday carry flashlight. Its 400 lumen output is a perfect middle ground for broad and intricate tasks like woodworking or reading. The Swivel even has a glow in the dark strip so it is easily spotted, always letting you pick up where you left off.

Flood High Flood Med Flood Low Flashlight High Flashlight Med
Brightness 400lumens 160lumens 12lumens 200lumens 50lumens
Runtime 5hours 9hours 90hours 5hours 27hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Five brightness modes ranging from 400 to 12 lumens
  • » Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with in-body USB-C charging port
  • » Lightning-fast USB-C technology charges light to full in 3.5 hours
  • » Magnets attach base to metal surfaces for a stable, mounted work light
  • » Glow in the dark strip makes it easy to locate
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