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Nextorch P56 Forensic Light Sources Kit - White, Blue, Red, Green, IR and UV LED - Includes 1 x 18650

Brand: Nextorch
Brand: Nextorch
  • A kit designed to fulfill a variety of forensic analysis needs
  • 6 light sources available for peak preparedness out in the field
  • Max 300 lumens and 110-meter throw casts fierce illumination
  • Includes multi-color glasses for more options in examining evidence

Nextorch P56 Forensic Light Sources Kit

Designed for Professional Forensic Investigation

The Nextorch P56 Kit includes a flashlight that puts investigation first. With six different light sources, Nextorch prioritizes the most crucial forensic investigations with illumination that suits any case. Within this light, you have white, red, green, and blue outputs, for multi-color options that best fit your environment. It also comes equipped with infrared or UV modes, for blacklight that spots the smallest details in any crime scene.

The total package includes three colored glasses. Red, orange, and yellow glasses will prove useful for analyzing or investigating material.

Intuitive Operation

The P56 flashlight has dual-fuel capabilities, with the ability to run with an 18650 or two CR123A batteries. The included 18650 battery is in-body rechargeable via Micro-USB, for reliable, seamless charging that powers in no time. Whatever is easiest, recharge or replace batteries in the P56, so you can worry less about power and focus more on the task at hand.

The rotary switch and tail cap combine for user-friendly operation. Simply use the rotary switch to change between light sources, and press the tail cap tab to alternate between high and low outputs. The flashlight is built to be compact and lightweight, with an added pocket clip to boot. Easily carry the P56 around so you aren't left scrambling out in the field!

High Low
Brightness 300lumens 11lumens
Runtime 3.75hours 36hours
Distance 110meters 21meters
Intensity 3,020candela -
High Low
Brightness 40lumens 8lumens
Runtime 8.5hours 39hours
Distance 6meters 41meters
High Low
Brightness 35lumens 8lumens
Runtime 4.5hours 22hours
Distance 40meters 17meters
High Low
Brightness 18lumens 3lumens
Runtime 7.5hours 35hours
Distance 16meters 6meters
High Low
Brightness 150mW 32mW
Runtime 7.75hours 19hours
High Low
Brightness 76mW 7mW
Runtime 5hours 40hours
Note: Above specifications are with the included Nextorch 18650 Battery. Using compatible CR123A batteries may cause changes in performance.
  • Notable Features
  • » Fantastic light for identifying physical evidence and examining materials
  • » Uniform light spot helps with forensic photography use
  • » Can easily identify signifiers such as sweat, fingerprints, blood, and saliva
  • » Designed with 1-meter drop resistance and IPX8 waterproof rating
  • » Strobe and SOS modes are available for added protection in emergencies
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