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Ledlenser 501967 X21R LED Flashlight - 5000 Lumens - Includes 9.6V 48Wh LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Item #: LEDLENSER-501967
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-501967
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Ledlenser's biggest and brightest search light.
  • Seven high intensity LEDs emit 5,000 lumens and can reach up to 800 meters away.
  • Magnetically rechargeable - convenient floating charge station included.
  • Advanced focus system to adjust flashlights' beam pattern from spotlight to floodlight.

Ledlenser X21R LED Flashlight - 501967

5,000 Lumens

The X21R is Ledlenser's biggest and brightest search light. This flashlight surpasses its predecessor, the original Ledlenser X21R is capable of emitting up to 5,000 lumens and shining 800 meters away - almost half a mile! The seven high intensity LEDs, PMMA optic lens and constant current circuitry allow for a wide and balanced beam that never flickers. Use the famous Ledlenser Advanced Focus system on the head of the light to easily change from a floodlight to a spotlight beam pattern for different tasks and environments.


The X21R is equipped with a built-in Safety Ytrion cell battery pack system so it can be recharged thousands of times. The high capacity 5000mAh battery pack provides up to 40 hours of use on low and 2 hours on high. When it needs to be charged up again, using the included floating charge station is fast and easy. Mounting it on a wall or work station allows for extra storage and work space surfaces for other tasks while keeping your light safely stored. The magnetic charge system is easy to use and even allows for emergency lighting while charging.


To ensure that you have perfect lighting for every task or emergency, the X21R has three brightness settings and several other modes for emergencies and safety precautions. The multi-functional rotating side switch accesses each brightness setting, emergency lighting mode, as well as lockout function, strobe, SOS, beacon and flashing. When it comes to search and rescue, this search light has it all.

Turbo(Boost) High(Power) Low(Low Power)
Brightness 5000lumens 3500lumens 200lumens
Runtime 2hours 5hours 40hours
Distance 800meters 700meters 150meters
  • Notable Features
  • » Seven high intensity LEDs to reach 800 meters into the night
  • » Max lumen output of 5,000 lumens
  • » Focusable head for adjusting from spotlight to floodlight beam pattern
  • » Rechargeable thousands of times - saving you time and money
  • » High capacity LiFeP04 battery pack
  • » Includes floating charge station for convenient charging and easy storage
  • » Constructed from durable aluminum alloy for longevity
  • » Emergency lighting, locator and lockout modes

Note: This light is equipped with a temperature control system that will automatically down-shift to a lower lumen when a certain temperature is reached. When using the Constant Current energy mode, the high level of output changes to 2500 lumens - 3 hours - 600 meters.

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