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Nextorch WL30 LED Weapon Light with Green and IR Lasers - 400 Lumens - Includes 1 x CR123A

Brand: Nextorch
Brand: Nextorch
  • Weapon light with white light, green laser, and IR laser
  • Quick rail mount system compatible with Picatinny and Glock rails
  • Independent switches for easy control over all functions
  • Easy laser adjustment with hex wrench

Nextorch WL30 Weapon Light

White Light, Green Laser, Infrared Laser

The Nextorch WL30 is a combination weapon light featuring a main white LED, a green laser and infrared laser emitter. This ultimate pairing of lights allows users to illuminate an area and have accurate aiming with the laser of choice. The white LED produces 400 lumens for a broad but focused area, and the lasers assist with aiming accuracy with or without night vision equipment.

Independent Switches

The WL30 combines three lighting options that can be used together or separately from one another. The three switches are easily reached with one hand so the support hand never has to move from a secure grip. The main white LED switch is ambidextrous for added convenience and safety so fingers never go near the bezel.

Quick Mounting System

This weapon light has a mounting system that can be quickly attached or removed with a few twists of the adjustment bolt. The mount locks into place for a secure grip to Picatinny and Glock rails.

White Light Green Laser Infrared Laser
Brightness 400lumens <5mW <5mW
Runtime 1.5hours 10hours 24hours
Distance 110meters - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Combination weapon light with white light, green and infrared lasers
  • » Each function controlled with independent switches
  • » Quick rail mount system for Picatinny and Glock rails
  • » Laser calibration done easily with included hex wrench
  • » IR laser indicator light to prevent accidental activation
  • » Powered by 1 x CR123A
  • » Live fire tested
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