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Nitecore Bubble All-Purpose LED Lantern - 100 Lumens - Uses 3 x AAA (included) or 1 x HLB-1300 Li-ion Battery Pack - White, Yellow, Green, Purple, or Pink

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Small, portable lantern ideal for outdoor excursions
  • Magnetic hook allows for simple hanging
  • Candle mode creates a soothing, flickering light
  • Easily powered by 3 x AAA's or the HLB1300 rechargeable battery pack
  • Lockout mode helps prevent accidental activation

Nitecore Bubble Camping Lantern

Simple, Cozy Illumination

Add a warm, cozy element to your camping experience with Nitecore's Bubble Camping Lantern! Emitting up to 100 lumens of warm white, high CRI light, this little lantern is a great companion for camping trips or use in vans, tiny homes, and more. For added comfort, the Bubble features Candle Mode, which gives off a flickering light, mimicking a candle without the hassle or danger of an open flame. You'll find this little lantern can bring comforting illumination to your personal spaces!

Highly Portable

The Bubble's sleek, lightweight design enables you to take it on adventures of all kinds. An IPX4 rating protects your light from rain and dust while using outdoors. It features a flexible, silicone handle with a magnetic end piece to make hanging the Bubble easy! Attach to closed hooks, tent poles, backpacks, tables, magnetically compatible surfaces and more for 360° lighting. With the additional protection of a lockout mode, you can ensure your Bubble doesn't accidentally activate while in transit!

Two Ways to Power

The Nitecore Bubble is built with dual fuel capabilities! Power your light with three AAA Alkaline batteries, an easily replaceable and accessible option. If you're looking for a rechargeable option, pick up the HLB1300 Battery Pack! With its in-body USB-C port, you'll be able to power it up on the go in no time!

High Mid Low Candle
Brightness 100lumens 40lumens 6lumens 100-120lumens
Runtime 5hours 10hours 42hours 5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » All modes easily accesible through power switch, including a Lockout mode to prevent your Bubble from turning on while in storage
  • » Candle Mode creates a soothing, flickering light
  • » Dual fuel compatible with either 3 x AAA or the HLB1300 battery pack
  • » Magnetic silicone hook makes it easy to hang the Bubble from hooks, rafters, compatible surfaces, and more
  • » High-CRI (>90) LEDs create warm, ambient lighting
  • » IPX4 weather and dust-proof rating allows for use outdoors
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